Wheels of Light’s Articles

Abundant Thoughts
How Thoughts Attract

ADHD/ADD: A Wholistic Approach
Learn foods to avoid, Indigo Children Philosophies and more.

Adrenal Fatigue
The 21st century syndrome.

Aloe Vera’s Magic
My journey with this miracle plant.

Angels Page
See many fun articles on angels.

An Herbal Journey
What led me to herbs and how you can learn too.

Animal Reiki
Learn the benefits and application of Reiki for animals.

Read ARCH-related articles and take the rainbow bridge back to your Divine source.

The controlled use of essential oils for specific outcomes.

Atlantean Temple of Healing
Learn how healing was done in ancient times.

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Energetic essences used to heal body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Bad Intentions
How to Protect Your Energy from Psychic Attack.

Beauty Tips by Age
Learn old fashioned recipes and vitamin supplement recommendations.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga
How Kundalini yoga can benefit everyone. Includes exercises.

Birth Doulas
Learn about these knowledgable labor companions.

Breast Cancer Prevention
This is must read for women and those who love them. Learn the medical risks and be informed of alternative therapies.

Caring for Mother Earth
How it is essential that we help save our planet.

Cells Gone Mad: What Happens During Cancer
Learn the science of what causes it.

Chakra Affirmations
Daily affirmations to heal your chakras.

Chakra Introduction
A journey through the chakras with a cleansing exercise.

Chaste Tree Berry for Women
A must-read for women with PMS, menstrual difficulties or fibroids.

Chi Balls
How to create them, receive them and heal with them.

Childhood Illness
How to treat childhood illnesses and recommended home remedies.

Connecting to Spirit Helpers
How we connect to the angelic realm.

Cranio-sacral Therapy
Assessing the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid for wellness.

Crystals Page
Read the multitude of crystal articles for Women, Men, Children etc.

Detox Page
Read articles related to detoxifying your body, mind and spirit.

Diet for Wellness
Eat like our grandparents did.

Ear Coning Benefits
What is ear coning and its benefits.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
How to relieve anxiety and stress immediately.

Envirotoxin Update
Read the latest statistics of our toxic world.

Essential Oils
The benefits and uses of Meadows Synergy Blends.

Fairies Page
Read the Fairy-related articles and learn about nature’s guardian angels.

Fairy Spirits
Written for kids and childlike adults. Learn to connect to the nature spirits.

Gayatri Seichim – A Healing Practice
Learn how to channel ancient energy while chanting the Gayatri Mantra.

Learning to receive the abundance of the universe.

Harnessing Pyramid Power
Learn how the Atlanteans taught the Egyptians and other cultures.

The Healing Sun
Learn the benefits of the sun and how to naturally protect from overexposure.

Heal Yourself with Crystals
How to incorporate crystals into your life for wellness.

(An) Herbal Journey
How herbs saved my sanity.

Herbal Tea Formulas
Herbal tea introduction to heal oneself.

History of Halloween
Learn some of the ancient roots of this fun holiday.

Indigo & Crystal Children
Understanding our future generations.

Karuna® Reiki
Learn about Karuna® Reiki and the course syllabus.

Love from the Heart
How we can learn to love unconditionally.

Lymphatic Body Brushing
Bringing circulation to the skin and cleansing the lymphatic system.

Mantras and the Healing Power of Chant
A Bridge to the Divine

The benefits of meditation with the Heart of Peacefulness Meditation.

Message for 2011
Are you ready?

Menopause as Enlightenment
How to embrace the changes of menopause.

Menstrual Cramps
Why women get menstrual cramps and what can help.

Mercury Retrograde Facts
Learn about how the planet mercury affects us when in backward motion several times a year.

Moon Journaling
How to keep a journal of the moon’s phases and how each sign affects you.

Motivation for Creation
What happens when we are in the creative flow?

Natural Childbirth
Why natural childbirth is beneficial for mom and baby.

Nature Spirits
How nature spirits are living among us, helping us honor the Earth.

New Moon Affirmations Through the Zodiac
Affirmations for each astrological sign.

Our Divine Breath
How breathwork can help heal you.

Our Healing Heart
How we clog up our heart chakra and what patterns to recognize before dis-ease occurs.

Our Moon Cycles
Women’s connection to the divine moon.

Parenting the Children of Our Future
Characteristics of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children.

Polarity Balancing
An Introduction by Dawn Boudreaux.

Pre-conception through Pregnancy Detox & Diet
Rid your body of envirotoxins to conceive and be the best vessel for your baby.

Prenatal Massage
Learn the benefits of taking care of yourself during this changing time.

Prenatal Yoga Basics
Why you should do yoga while you’re pregnant. Includes exercises.

Quantum Touch
Jumpstart any healing modality with breath and focus.

Reiki Frequently Asked Questions
Learn about Reiki and Reiki training.

Reiki Page
Read all Reiki-related articles and learn about energy medicine.

Root Chakra: Our Key to Prosperity
Opening up to your power of abundance.

An ancient Ayurvedic technique by applying warm oils to the forehead.

Soulmates and Twin Flames
Learn the differences and attract your mate.

Spiritual Growth
How and why we want to attain it.

Tears of the Past – Fears of the Future
Forgiveness and living in the present moment.

Thai Massage
An Ayurvedic tradition, coupled with yoga and martial arts.

TriYoga® Flows
How TriYoga® can help you.

Uterine Fibroids
The wholistic approach to healing our emotional center.

Vitamin A Saga
Why you need this essential nutrient.

Winter Healing: Kidneys and Adrenal Glands
Learn how to heal these organs each winter season.

Wisdom as Intuition
Connect to your intuitive flow.

The Wounded Healer
My personal journey toward Reiki and healing.

Yoga: More than Physical Exercise
Learn why vibration is the key to healing.


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Phases of the Moon
Our Emotions
Attachment Parenting
Thyroid Disease and Menopause

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