Moon Journaling

While the moon is growing (from the new moon to the full) it is called “waxing”.  After the Full Moon until the Dark Moon the moon is called “waning”.  A New Moon is a good time to start new projects, set goals and ask for things to come into your life.  When the moon is full it is directly opposite the sun.  Very intense energy at this time.  Use the Full Moon for divination, channeling, dream work, protection and any work that needs a major punch of energy.  The Full Moon energy lasts for three days.  The day before and the day after its apex.

After the Full Moon, the energy is now “waning” or dissipating.  This is now a time to reflect and release.  Get rid of old habits, clean out the cupboards and focus on detoxification and healing.

The moon is Dark for three days just before a New Moon.  Use this energy to look for the hidden side of things and explore the darkest parts of self.  Ask Kali’s energies to assist you in protection and in clearing out the mental cobwebs at this time.

Purchase a Moon Calendar or almanac (see below) and notice what sign the moon is in for the day. The moon moves through each sign, every 2-3 days.  Commit to journal honestly how you feel each day.  Get to know that astrological sign. See if it is in your chart (see below). After a couple of months, you can begin to see patterns with particular moon signs. Maybe always a bad day on a certain sign. Maybe you get mood swings with another.  For instance, when the moon is in Leo, it is a good time to shop.  When the moon is in Virgo, I have a lot of organizational energy and energy to clean my home.

During a New Moon (waxing moon), write in journal “I” statements. I am, I want, I do…. At the Full Moon write about what you have achieved and are proud of, assert your talent and tallk about struggles and tests you’ve faced.  During the waning moon, pull up memories of your past, write about fears, sorrows…go deep within.  In the dark of the moon, allow the stream of conscious to pour out of you, just write random thoughts and see what comes.

Also note any dreams in your moon journal. Dreams are the portal to our consciousness.  Pay attention to them.  Write what they mean to you…how they make you feel…what colors did you see…who was not in your dream as well as who was in your dream.

Learn where each New Moon falls in your astrological chart, with its opportunities for growth each month. Determine what sign your “moon” is in.  When the moon falls in your sign, notice how you feel.  When the moon moves through the same phase it was in when you were born, it is called your “lunar birthday” and is a potent time of creative power for you.

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To purchase a moon phase calendar, contact Llewellyn’s for a catalog. (877) NEW-WRLD or by mail at P.O. Box 64383, Dept. J-0038-X, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383.  A Farmer’s Almanac is also helpful.

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