Benefits of Meditation
Meditation can calm an agitated mind, creating optimal physical and mental health. It can undo our sense of separateness from our divine home which is the common root of fear and misery, and it can unify consciousness, putting us in touch with our higher-self. It restructures the mind allowing us to achieve our full potential in this life time. Life is too external (masculine)—we need to be more internal (feminine). By meditating, we connect to our feminine, intuitive side. Our Higher-self knows why we are here in this lifetime. When we are connected, we are free from limitations. We channel and connect to our inner teachers and guides. We tap into our own Akashic Records, the library of our soul. By meditating, we raise our vibrational level. The planet is also raising its vibration and we are acclimating to it. As our rate is raised, we are forced to let go of our lower vibrational stuff—fears, emotions, negative belief systems—as part of our clearing process, our stuff tends to become magnified so that we must finally deal with it before bidding it farewell. Meditation helps us know what we are sitting with and what needs to be cleansed. Meditate every day if possible. A simple way to quiet the mind is by counting 1 thru 10 upon inhaling, then count 1 thru 10 upon exhaling. If your mind wanders, start the count all over again. See how long it takes you to get to 10 without your mind wandering.

Here is a lovely meditation for the heart. The heart is the axis of our energy system. The center of our being, where love for all things radiates.

Heart of Peacefulness Meditation

​The heart is a natural source of peace. With this meditation you are simply coming back to your personal source of relaxation. When you go through these steps you will be able to reach the innermost core of your being and receive joy, let go and trust.

Step One: Sit up straight or lie down and relax. Close your eyes and let your breath flow naturally in and out. Now put your right hand in your left armpit and your left hand in your right armpit. Direct your whole attention towards your chest.

Step Two: Allow a feeling of peace to rise from your heart. Just relax and focus on this feelng.  If pain surfaces, let it come forth and breathe it out.  Cry if needed.  Then think happy thoughts that bring you peace.

Step Three: When you are centered here and relaxed, you will automatically connect with your inner peace. The heart calms and transmits harmonic vibrations, which you experience as love and peace.  Remain for 10 to 15 minutes in this position, enjoying this feeling.

Meditations offered in the Palm Springs and Los Angeles Areas include the following:

* Akashic Records (tap into the library of your soul).
* Finding Your Soulmate (meet your primary and secondary soulmates)
* Chakra Meditation (open and cleanse your energy)
* Clear Plastic Bag Meditation (rid yourself of physical attachments)
* Dynamic Meditation (a physical meditation for the root chakra)
* Heart Chakra Meditation (great heart opener)
* Inner Healing Meditation (good for beginners and forgiveness)
* Mask Meditation (emerge as your true self)
* Nadbrahma Meditation (a Buddhist humming meditation)
* Past Life Cleanse Meditation
* Pyramid of Power Meditation (seek divine guidance for a challenge in your life)
* Rainbow Relaxation Meditation (perfect for Hypnobirthing and deep relaxation)
* Reiki Spiritual Protection Meditation (Excellent!)