Our Divine Breath
By Maggie Wilcox

When we breathe, we breathe in that radiant fuel of life. Not only is good quality air full of oxygen, but it is full of the life-force energy around us. This is the same energy that is channeled in Reiki, gathered in Tai Chi, and released and balanced during acupuncture. It is the subtle energy we consciously feel when we sense that someone is “laid back” or “intense”. Each person’s pattern of energy is as unique to them as their fingerprints. All living things are made up of energy. We are all connected to animals, plant life and other human beings. The breath connects us to our divine source and has been given to us to remind us down to the core of our being who we are.

Breathing is one if the best gifts we can give our body, mind and spirit. We bathe all layers of our self with this energy every time we inhale, and then we release toxins, stress and any unhealthy energies every time we exhale. By learning to breathe properly you can have a more balanced, happy and healthy life. Breathe into every organ, every fiber of your soul. Allow each part of your body to work optimally by giving it life-force energy.

When the vital reserves in the human energy field or aura are depleted through illness, environmental pollutants, or stress, we suffer disease. If we replenish this vital energy, we can ensure our health and

vitality and extend our lives.

Watch a dog or cat the next time it yawns. Fido or Fifi will open their jaws completely as if they were a snake devouring its prey. We can learn a lot by watching animals, especially in the wild. When we yawn, it is because we need more energy or oxygen to our cells. Why shouldn’t we yawn like a great lion, taking in as much oxygen as our body needs? Society tells us to cover our mouths as if we were coughing, when we’re not expelling at all, we’re inhaling. So go ahead. Take that deep, unabandoned yawn and give your body the energy bath it deserves.

From East Indian yoga comes the term pranayama.  Pranayamas are breathing exercises that accompany a program of yoga and meditation. These pranayamas bring energy to designated organs of the body, helping you in all areas of your life. When done with certain yoga poses, they can really energize the body’s systems.

The following pranayama is called the Breath of Fire. Do it every day for at least three minutes and you will feel great! It’s is a great pick me up if you are feeling lethargic or mentally unclear.

Breath of Fire

Sit in lotus position (Indian style) with your hands in prayer pose, with thumbs against the sternum. It’s a rapid and rhythmic breath through the nose. Breathing evenly and relaxed. Try not to force the breath.

Take a deep breath in and feel your stomach relaxing outward. Exhale as you pull your diaphragm (solar plexus) back in forcefully. Immediately relax the diaphragm as the air comes back in with a sniff. Continue with a pumping motion of the sniffing breath. There should be no pause between the inhalation and the exhalation. You’ll sound like a locomotive. It takes practice to listen to your body and stop when you need to.

This gives you a powerful aerobic effect. Three minutes of this exercise circulates the blood throughout the entire body. One minute of this breath equals an hour of normal breathing. It’s that powerful. Use it when you need to rid your body of toxins, flu symptoms or to balance your hormones. Now try it with your favorite yoga poses. You burn fat right off your body as well. You’ve now given your body a complete energy bath.

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