Message for 2011


(Notes taken from Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe.  Dr. Cannon received her information from her client’s past life regressions.)


WARNING:  You may not be ready for this message.  That’s okay.  Trust your inner knowing that will resonate when you read passages.  We have to allow new ideas (enlightenment) to come in bits and pieces.  Larger, stronger information is coming only when you are ready to receive it. 

Past Lives

When on the other side this life is like a “blip” in the universe.  Having an Earth body is a hard school.  You keep your personality and soul, but just change bodies and circumstances.  It’s like a play—a game.  No one judges you.  You judge yourself when you look back on your life.  You see all sides of the situation.  You decide how to balance your karma.  What you do has to be repaid.  That’s the law of karma.  You can reverse roles to try and fix situations.  We carry baggage from one lifetime to another.  You keep repeating mistakes and that makes you sick (anger).  Let it go or you’ll have to come back and do it all over again.  Forgive!


We tend to want to personify God/Source.  It is not male/female or physical.  It’s a huge energy source. The Deities and Spirit Helpers also come from Source. It is the glue that holds everything together.  In the beginning we were all part of Source.  It can be seen as a HUGE bright light.  When you go there it is a feeling of unconditional love.  You don’t want to leave your home.  Source said go and learn, have experiences.  Then sparks of light (us) were sent out.  We are all connected; therefore, we can heal ourselves and each other.  Talk to your body, it loves it.  You’re the voice of Source.

Source learns from our information.  The Earth, Moon and Sun also are a recording device like all the other universes.  All information goes back to the Source.  Source uses information to create new galaxies, new universes.  We have been and around since the beginning.  Our souls are eternal.  Earth is a young planet.  We’re isolated because no one wants to be contaminated.  ET’s think we’re dangerous and violent.  This is why births are difficult.  Some spirits don’t want to come to Earth.  They are scared.

Our Journey on Earth

We are a planet of free will.  We all have different “plans” and everything clashes.  When you come to your body on Earth all memories have to be erased.  This is our test.  Mistakes help us learn.  Memories are resurfacing now because it is time to wake up.  Most of our “purpose” is here to help each other.  Healers are being called.  When you come to Earth, you have to know everything.  First you are a part of the air, then the rocks and all the elements.  You evolve to the tiniest worm to finally human.  Because we’ve been there, it helps us respect it.  EVERYTHING IS ALIVE!

Cats see your energy first then the person’s body.  This is why they can see ghosts.  Spiders view through only one eye at a time.  Eagles and hawks use red (infrared) vision when hunting during the day, then a green/blue vision at night.

We evolve into both sexes and being rich and poor.  We experience every religion, race and continent. When you finish, you return to Source—then other realities, other dimensions.  The universe starts off as white light.  Then it changes to colors–first red, then the entire rainbow spectrum.  People are now transgressing to Source in hypnosis.  They leave Source because they “hear the call.”

ET’s created this world.  They cannot interfere with our free will.  They only will if we start to blow ourselves up.  It would disrupt the entire solar system.  ET’s monitor us.  They did a lot of it in the 1950’s when the atomic bomb was created.  We keep repeating cycles.  So they “interfere” only through the inside.  They sent “the call” to all planets.  “Earth needs help.”  We volunteered to help bring in energies that are peaceful and non-violent.  We were pure volunteers.

There were three waves of emergence.  The first volunteers were the way showers–those who have never known Earth.  They were born around the 1950’s.  They had the hardest time and didn’t know what they were in for.  The second wave of volunteers were born in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Nothing bothered this generation.  They had it easier.  They were here to do their job—be a channel for energy and use it.  The third wave of volunteers were called Indigos and Crystals.  They are born in the 1980’s until now.  These kids “know” answers.  They can’t explain it.  School is frustrating to them.  They are ahead, so can be disruptive because they are bored.  Give them challenges.  These children are the hope of the world.


Do not convert anybody.  Just do what you’re supposed to do.  Give information to others one crumb at a time.  They wouldn’t understand the whole loaf of bread.

We have an exit plan.  We know how we are going to die.  Disease, accidents—we never die unless we’re ready.


Those left behind are “caught in karma.”  The majority of us are saying we have no more karma.  We’re ready for the new Energy of Peace.  1.  Release Karma to move into the new world.

  1. Forgive.  Anger and unforgiveness are just holding you back.
  2. Let go of fear; it’s all an illusion.  It only has energy if you feed it.

The Mayans and Anasazis “disappeared.”    They all were so advanced that they shifted into another dimension.  Our bodies will also gradually shift.  These symptoms may be heart problems, joint pain, high blood pressure and insomnia.  If we’re interested we will go to the New Earth.  Yes, 2012 is an accurate approximate date of our ascension.  If you are asking questions you are heading the right way.