Animal Reiki

Those familiar with Reiki may choose to pass this gift on to their pets. Reiki is a wonderful healing tool for every living being and most animals respond well to it. Cats think they invented it and may sit upon you while you are receiving Reiki. Dogs eat it up and love to offer energy in exchange. Even horses, fish, snakes and gerbils benefit. Animals seem much more in tune to the Reiki energy as their hearts are purer than ours. Indeed we have a lot to learn from animals as our Native American ancestors realized in their spiritual practice. They are more intuitive and detect healing energies more easily than we can. Because of this, they are drawn to people whose energies they know will help them.

In 1999, the morning after I received my Reiki I attunement, I took a walk in Santa Monica, my then home…a lovely walking city. I stopped to pet a cat and offered it Reiki. After a few minutes, I continued my journey. I discovered I had so many cats following me. It was beautiful.

I have attuned pets to the Reiki energy. They are then able to channel it to continually heal them and send that loving energy to others. I attune their crown and hearts. I always ask their beings for permission. They’ll let you know if they are ready. I find attuning animals is a must when they have a chronic illness. It cleans out their etheric (physical level) energy and enables deep healing. I attuned my father-in-law’s dog, Roux Fess. He is now a level two. I remember upon his first attunement, we both got so hot after. We played and connected for a while after that. He often lays his large chest (heart chakra) on his master and channels healing energy. Dogs really do practice unconditional love. After his Reiki II attunement (emotional/mental), he chose to be off by himself and looked a little melancholy. This is so common with everyone after their Reiki II attunement as we clear those stored up wounds and feelings.

Before giving Reiki to animals, it is important to ask for their being’s permission. Some animals will literally run away from you. Honor that. This is common when they are hurting and are afraid of more pain. It is best in these cases to send them Reiki from a distance. If the Reiki is flowing, then it has been accepted.

It’s also important to let the animal get to know you first before attempting to transmit the energy. Having their owner present during the session is also important. Often in a case where the pet is very ill, everyone in the home benefits from being in the presence of the Reiki energy. Pets need a small amount of Reiki compared to humans. A couple hand positions are all it should take. Like children, they will let you know when they’ve had enough. Always ask that it come in a form that they can handle.

Reiki is highly beneficial for animals that have been rescued. Often these animals have emotional and mental wounds. Reiki is always beneficial and is a wonderful preventative tool in addition to a powerful curative. Reiki can also assist the animals and owners when the animal is passing to the other side. Remember to Reiki their food and sleeping quarters.
The following approaches may be used to Reiki an animal:

  1. Placing the hands directly on the animal whenever it is safe and practical to do so;
  2. Placing the hands on the cage or tank in which the animal is housed if the animal is too small or too dangerous to touch, or if direct touch would disadvantage the creature (e.g., fish);
  3. Holding a small animal in your hands if this is safe to do and won’t frighten the creature too much;
  4. Sending Reiki through the aura to an animal, either holding your hands directly above the animal or from several feet away; and
  5. Use the Reiki symbols to send long-distance Reiki to the animal (use a stuffed animal or be in the presence of the animal).

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