Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


EFT works with the energy system of the body and has produced almost miraculous results in the area of emotional healing.

EFT often works when nothing else will! EFT does not require you to have any faith.  It works whether you believe it will or not!

Spirit has sent this miraculous healing tool to help us clean up the mess we have made of our emotional lives.  With EFT there are no pills, no needles, no surgical procedures, no side effects!

Just wonderful, blessed relief from just about every emotional condition under the sun and many physical conditions as well. Some physical conditions are actually caused by the emotions. Even if a pain or ailment starts out as a purely mechanical, physical condition, you may find yourself feeling anxious about the condition and that brings even more pain.


EFT Tapping Points





(Start at chest, then move up to head and down the rest of the body).

While tapping these points, say set up phrases indicating your current emotional state or problem to be resolved.  Tap for a few rounds.

Examples are:

“Even though I have been beating myself up, I forgive myself for everything and let myself off the hook.”

“Even though I feel like I can’t manage my money…“

“Even though I feel like a big loser…”

“Even though I feel all alone…”

“Even though I tried to be a big shot and failed…”

“Even though I feel like an idiot who can’t handle money… “

“Even though I feel like it is no use even trying…”

“Even though I feel so overwhelmed by my troubles…”

“I feel stressed and overwhelmed.”

“Even though I keep making the same mistakes in love, I love and accept myself.”

“Even though it hurts so badly, I look for the lesson of love in this relationship.”

Now bring in the positive statements.

“I love and accept myself.”

“I forgive myself and others now.”

“I trust in the divine plan of the universe.”

“I ask that the energy of happiness and love flood my being.”

“I ask and allow the energy of encouragement to lift me up.”

“Pure joy is flooding my being now.”

“I choose to honor myself in all ways.”

“I feel sooo wonderful and have so much love to share.”

“I embrace the opportunity for un-expected and exciting solutions
to come to me.”

“I embrace the flow of money and resources to me now.”

“I release the need to have to figure it out BEFORE it can come to me.”

“I am open to receive.”

“I release any resistance to receiving all the good the Universe has for me.”