Motivation for Creation

What motivates you to create?  Let us be real.  Most of us cannot just pickup a pen or paintbrush and go.  We need to set a mood and create a sacred space. It is like putting together a recipe.  You bring all the ingredients together, being inspired along the way to add a little more spice or sweetness to the mix.

Let us stop and look at Creation for a moment.  Creation stems from your ovaries or testes.  Your seeds that you plant and watch grow.  Your creation then is not just making babies but fertilization on all levels.  As an energy healer, I perceive creation like this.  Creation energy begins in the 2nd chakra (belly) which is being fueled by the primordial energy of the 1st chakra (base of spine) which also governs our abundance.  This is abundance on all levels, not just financial ones.  These seeds of creation gestating in the 2nd chakra then need the energy of the 3rd chakra, our will power center, to manifest the creation.  Your upper chakras are also affecting this process as your 4th chakra (heart) has opened up to be completely absorbed with unconditional loving energy.  Then your 5th chakra (throat) begins opening to communication with your guides while tapping into the knowledge contained in your higher-self (6th chakra).  While gaining divine inspiration or channeling, your 7th chakra (crown) filters in information to fuel your whole creative project.  Whew!  Creativity really is a whole body experience.  So your entire being needs to be working optimally.

Now you do not need to be an artist or writer to be creative.  Creativity can come in many forms:  decorating, cooking, gardening, teaching, dancing, how you pay the bills, how you get to work each day, etc.  It is all in how you get from point A to point B.  Are you regimented with a schedule and self-imposed deadlines or do you allow things to be done based on your energy levels and your needs?  Create at your pace and your flow.

We are truly being creative when we allow the information to flow through our being and not stifle it.  If you receive a creative spark, manifest it.  Do not suppress it. Maybe you do not have the time or you believe you are not creative from low self-esteem.  It is imperative that we spend some time in the creation mode for the sake of our health.  I find women who are disconnected from their creative seeds form abnormal ovarian cysts and have other reproductive problems.

So what DO you need to get you in the mood for creation?  If you lack energy, do things to activate your 3rd chakra at your diaphragm.  Try lifting this area as you inhale, exhale and release.  Repeat this at a fast pace while sniffing air in and out.  Spend some time upside down in Downward Facing Dog yoga pose or by simply letting your head hang off the edge of the bed.  Let the blood flow to your brain.  Play some music that fits your mood or the mood you want to be in.  Light a candle and pray for Divine inspiration or invite the Muses into your life.  Cleanse you and your working space with incense, lavender water or the Space Clearing Australian Bush Flower Essence.

Understand that in the stages of Creation, you don’t always need to know HOW you are going to get there.   Set the mood and just do whatever your being feels inspired to do.  That’s the energy of Creation:  Being in your body at the present moment, not planning ahead or focusing on past failures.

So turn off the television! Get your doodle pads, coloring books or journals and tap into that right side of your brain.  Make room for growth!

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