Soulmates and Twin Flames

By Margaret Wilcox

“…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an arrangement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment.”  ~ Plato

We all desire a Primary Soulmate also known as a Twin Flame, who is the being who resonates with us at the highest level possible in all areas of our life.  At our soul’s creation, we have our counterpart, which is similar to the yin/yang symbol.  They come out of the same light sphere.  When this light sphere descended to Earth, one half assumes the positive or masculine polarity and the other the negative or female polarity.  Only you and your Twin Flame have this unique pattern of energy.  The vibration of each soul is the exact duplicate of the other Twin Flame.  Twin Flames have a purpose together. There is something they are meant to do jointly that they could do better by putting their energies together.  The more you move out of the out-dated vibration of duality or separateness, you will transition into a deeper heart space of higher vibratory awareness of oneness consciousness and feel joy and bliss.  In other words, you become aware that we are all connected, and this Twin Flame connection is the most sacred union.  Ego and blame fall aside.

We also have Soulmates.  Those we have had past lives and contracts with in order to evolve our spirit and assist in raising the vibration of the planet.  Soulmates always serve a purpose for being in your life.  They also help point out areas in your relationship patterns that you can grow from.  Soulmates teach us how to set our boundaries.  You have many Soulmates with sometimes one being your dominant Soulmate contracted for a period of time.  They are preparing you for your Twin Flame that is your destiny.  Growth comes from all Soulmate interactions.

Your Twin Flame is the exact counterpart of you created by Source.  Reuniting reconnects you to your Source energy bringing about a total completion of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  They can be the opposite gender, depending on what you came here to experience in this lifetime.  Meeting them causes you to awaken.  It is your most intense spiritual love.  Your old priorities shift as they don’t seem important anymore.  Your senses are heightened.  Everything seems alive and new.

Are you ready to allow yourself your Twin Flame?  Most people are taught that they are not good enough so they run when encountered with their Twin Flame.  You know this person loves you, but now you are confused.  If you feel you had a Twin Flame connection and they have run away, it is because of Fear.  Fear is the opposite of love, not hate.  Your partner may be running because you are their mirror image.  There are parts of them they don’t like deep down.  They may feel you will reject them eventually, just like he (interchangeably she) is rejecting himself.  There may be a lack of self-love and the don’t feel they deserve you, the most amazing love he has experienced of their lives.

He may be fearful of a love so intense being taken away, fear of being consumed by you and uncomfortable with the intense longing that can be painful when you are away from them.  Parts of him, he needs to heal are rising to the surface alongside the blissful love.  It’s all-consuming and may be hard to process.  Refusing or blocking his emotions may help him be in control of this situation that is guided from the outside.  From time-to-time he wants to feel the intense love again and that is why he comes back around.  Then the cycle repeats.

Are you ready to meet your Twin Flame?  Are you clear about what your issues are?  Are you willing for someone else to have their issues.  Our spirit’s our constantly evolving.  Nobody can fix your issues, you have to be able to grow and learn on your own. The more evolved you are when you meet your Twin Flame, the more evolved they will be.  This may mean that you have another Soulmate relationship to work through first.  When ready, allow yourself to have this person in your life.  They are looking for you because of WHO YOU ARE.  If you need to change to be with someone, then you are not who they are looking for.

Finding your Twin Flame doesn’t solve your problems, but it can help you learn your lessons that you are meant to learn in this life.  They are your equals; your true partners.  They call you on your stuff.  If you are in a controlling relationship where one person controls the situation over another, it is not a primary soulmate relationship.  Then you don’t respect that person totally.  If you are looking for someone to make you happy, it is not going to work.  Make yourself happy first.  A real partnership takes inner strength.

The Twin Flame union helps channel love to the planet.  Your Divine Love is used for compassion and good toward others.  To align with your Twin Flame, you must be aware of self.  Being loving and compassionate towards yourself sends your Twin Flame the message you are ready to meet them.  Know your true heart’s desire and this union will graciously flow towards you.

If things get worse when you connect with and potential Twin Flame like your car breaks down or you have a run of bad luck, this is a false Twin Flame.  You’ll know for certain if the relationship can at times be one-sided and there aren’t signs of appreciation in the relationship.

Once you have found your Twin Flame, there still may be work to do as you go through stages in the relationship.  These stages can be similar to below.

Stage 1:  Through synchronicity you meet, and you’ve felt you met before.  Your heart chakras both open and merge into a greater union.  There will be a time of accelerated spiritual understanding.

Stage 2: Sometimes ego re-emerges, you start judging your relationship based on what you think relationships are supposed to be.  This stems from an outdated belief system.  Your doubts may creep in.  Clear your doubts during this phase.

Stage 3:  Shedding yourself (ego) can lead to anxiety as your own stuff comes up.  Forgiveness, confessions, bonding and learning more about each other assist this phase.

Stage 4:  Surrender occurs in the union.  Sometimes one partner needs space to evolve while the other twin holds space for their beloved.

Stage 5:  Both parties are awakened and unconditional love open their hearts.

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