Nature Spirits

Little people everywhere,

Your fun and love I seek to share.
Gronkydoddles hear my call,
Leprechauns come one and all.

Leader Gob, of Gnome and Troll,
Come and share you humor droll.
Neckna and your Undines bold,
Play with me your games of old.

Paralda, Zephryrs of the air,
Caress me while my skin is bare.
Salamanders led by Djin,
The candle flames you may play in.

Nature spirits of all sort,
In friendship let us now cavort
A child of love for you I’ll be,
My mood is light as you can see.

And always as you sing and play,
I feel my troubles fade away.
Your laughter, love and fun shine through,
And help me feel alive like you.

The Earth is teeming with Nature Spirits.  They reside in the elements and especially like green lush habitats.  The Nature Spirits, sometimes called faeries, trolls, leprechauns, undines, pixies, elves, brownies, mermaids and unicorns, are all residing within and around the Earth.  They are the keepers of the Earth watching over Her.  All over the world, from Japan, to Ireland to Native America, tales have been told of the “little people”.

The above chant is my favorite for contacting the Nature Spirits.  I use it when I want to add some laughter into my life or when I need protection or prosperity as these Nature Spirits rule those realms.  I also honor the Nature Spirits when I’m outside and/or planting new plants.  They are the keepers of all things green and love it when you plant them a treat.  When I am unable to find something in my home.  I stop and ask the Nature Spirits, usually Elves, to please help me find what I’m looking for.  Sometimes Elves can be tricksters, and hide your belongings.  Offer the Nature Spirits milk and honey at your door so they can bless your home.

By honoring Mother Earth, we acknowledge the presence of energy within her and around her.  Sit and listen closely to the sounds of nature.  Notice the life teeming all around you, and connect to all of the Nature Spirits in your part of the world.

Doreen Virtue in her book Earth Angels tells how some of us are Incarnated Elementals (Nature Spirits) and animals.  There are five categories of Earth Angels:  Wise Ones, Incarnated Angels, Starpeople, Walk-Ins, and Incarnated Elementals.  According to Doreen, the following are characteristics of each category:

\     Incarnated Angels tend to – have sweet, heart shaped faces; have overeating and weight issues; be a fixed astrological sign (Leo, Taurus, Sagitarrius, Scorpio & Aquarius); be professional helpers (teachers, healers, customer service); lighten or highlight their hair; have difficulty saying no; love angel objects; have extra guardian angels; seem to glow; fall in love with someone’s potential and tend to coax their greatness; have co-dependent relationships with addicts; have voluptuous bodies; have mellow personalities; stay in relationships much longer than they should; and obey rules.

\     Incarnated Elementals/Nature Spirits tend to – disobey rules; have mischief in their eyes; have slim bodies or fast metabolisms; have sensitive nervous systems; be addicts; love to party; prefer the company of animals over people; be warriors for the Earth; love nature; have comedic, musical or artistic skills; be noncommital or immature; have Celtic origins; play practical jokes; fiercely independent; have finances that are feast or famine; and have powerful energy to manifest things they desire.

\     Star People tend to – be socially awkward; believe in UFO’s or ET’s; be compulsively thoughtful without need for appreciation; conduct Reiki or other energy healing; follow their life’s mission which may be more important than getting married or having kids; and don’t feel Earth is their home.

\     Walk-In’s tend to – have had a life changing accident or experience; have attempted suicide; have changed names; are “different” than they used to be; have made drastic changes to their life; and have a deep spiritual knowledge. (through a life changing event or near death experience, these souls have entered into a body mid-life.)

\     Wise Ones tend to – get along well with most people; have magical abilities; have past life memories of Arthurian or Atlantean times; believe that they were persecuted for their beliefs in a past life; study tarot or astrology; and be drawn to earth-based spirituality like shamanism or full-moon ceremonies.

Earth Angels is a fun and enlightening read.  You can purchase this and Doreen Virtue’s other great books on