How to Protect Yourself from Psychic Attack.

By Maggie Batt


Every morning I greet the day with a prayer to my God/Goddess, guides and angels, and I perform exercises to protect my energy.    Every night I do a protection visualization with my children to assist them in having good dreams and every quarter I do an energetic house cleansing.   Why?  I am a Reiki Master Teacher, yoga teacher and full-time homeschooling mom.  Though I work with beings of white and rainbow light, I don’t disqualify that there are dark energies out there.  The light always conquers the dark, but you have to activate it.

Imagine you are in a supermarket and someone looks at you like they don’t like you.  Immediately they’ve formed judgments about you based on what you look like.  They may look at you from top to bottom, roll their eyes and are on their way.  What they’ve done is unintentionally drained your energy.  We’re all made up of energy that moves in various ways through our energy rivers or meridians.   Our energy system mirrors our circulatory system and lymphatic system.  Later that day you may feel sick, lethargic or grumpy.  You might have been feeling great until that moment when you ran into the naysayer in the market.

Contrarily, when someone looks at you from bottom to top, you actually gain energy.  I say, wear attention getting shoes.  (grin)

Donna Eden teaches us an exercise in her book Energy Medicine called the Zip Up.  Imagine you have a zipper along the front of your spinal column.  Take your hand at your pubic bone and zip up and imaginary zipper up to your lip.  Do this every day, several times a day.   If you are a caregiver, body worker or in the customer service field it is essential that you protect your energy.  Even your well-intentioned students, can want your help so badly that they put their energy cords into your energy field.  Kind of like a kitten following you home.

Many people are energy vampires, always wanting approval, showing up at your door unannounced, wanting multiple hugs…  As a compassionate person, it’s important to be empathetic to their situation, but to not “take on” their energy.   Learn objective listening instead of “feeling” everything that is being expressed to you.  This is most important for those who are strongly empathetic.  You can’t be a warrior and take on everyone’s misery and gloom, but you can give them the tools to empower themselves.  Peace, happiness and enlightenment all come from within and not outside ourselves.  It is up to each individual to acknowledge and accept this task.  You can not do it for them.

A lot of people envision white light around them as a shield for protection.  This may not be enough.  I like to add a healing color around the white light (green, blue, pink or rainbow) then gold flames around that.   Maybe someone is complaining, yelling at you, or just so darn negative that you can’t stand it.  Immediately apply your root lock (squeeze up your pelvic floor muscles—kegel) also touch your tongue to the back of your top teeth.  These are your energy lines that you’ve now sealed off.

Other types of psychic attack would be when someone has intentionally sent you negative energy in a form of a spell or curse or an actual spirit possession.  Yes, these things are real.  Often a possession can be viewed or diagnosed as a split personality.  An individual in “possession” of several spirits will act and speak differently depending on which spirit is in control at the time.  You may feel exhausted for no reason, like a heavy weight is upon you.  There are many occasions that can “open” an individual to dark forces.  Whenever the conscious mind is in an unconscious state such as deep sleep, inebriation or under the effects of anesthesia, that person is “open” enough to allow the entrance of another spirit.  Intense trauma and sorrow can also leave someone vulnerable to attack.

Note:  If you begin channeling or hearing spirit voices that you don’t understand or claim to be a famous person, use caution.  Your spirit guides will come to you in a form you can understand, maybe through signs.  Also, most famous people that have passed to the other side (e.g., Mother Theresa) have already incarnated into someone else to help heal the Earth in these heightened times.

In my Reiki classes, I offer rituals and energy healing that help protect and heighten your energy field.  For more information on upcoming classes see the Calendar.