Parenting the Children of Our Future
Sources:  Doreen Virtue and Celia Fenn


When I first became a mom in 2001, no one told me that my life would change forever.  I went from being the carefree Maiden, traveling on a whim and meeting my needs whenever I felt like it, to a grounded and compassionate Mother.  It is in this Mother phase where the “I” now became “We.”  Every action, word and thought is now about my children.   I no longer could be the selfish Maiden.  I had now grown into the compassionate Mother.

Nursing connected mine and the baby’s root chakras (energy centers) assisting me in being a grounded parent (okay maybe a slave to the couch) and also helped the new spirit of the baby to recognize its new Earthly realm.  Babies have a hard time transitioning from the spirit world to their new lives and nursing is an integral part in this transition.

The Mother aspect effects us all whether we birth babies or not.  There is a time in our lives where we give more than we take.  The Goddess Kuan Yin, the Mahakaruna (great compassionate one), demonstrates this Mother phase in our lives best of all.  She is ready without reservation to extend peace, joy, love and every divinely good thing to anyone who reaches out to her.  As you pour your heart’s resources out to the world, you connect to the divine Mother.

Opening your heart to compassionate action isn’t easy.  It took a couple of years for me to transition from Maiden to Mother.  First you whine a little, “I have no time for me.”  “I feel stuck over here.”  Then you may break down completely (postpartum depression).  Eventually you see the spiritual side to it all—the greater picture involved.  You are now raising the children of the Earth’s future.  These children watch you with a close eye and mimic everything you do and say.  The “do as I say not as I do” rule doesn’t apply to this new generation of children.   They are on to us, watching our every move.

As a child raised in the 80’s I marched to the beat of my own drum.  Though raised in an organized religion, I didn’t let its “rules” encompass me.  I quickly grew to understand I was different from most, and I had friends that loved me for who I was.  What was it Bette Midler said?  “If I had known that my quirkiness as a child were such assets in my adult life, I would have loved myself more.”  The school system was another place where I wouldn’t let authority figures rain on my parade.  I could see through untruths of what I was told and went more on what I “felt”.  Little did I know that I was developing my intuition.

I was what you call an Indigo Child.  The wave of children coming to the planet whose spirit bodies are of a higher vibration.  The term Indigo is referring to the color of the person’s energy field or aura.  Indigos are portrayed as the warrior spirit, quashing the old ways and making way for the new energies to come to Earth.  Most Indigos then give birth to Crystal and sometimes Rainbow Children (also reflected in their auras)–an even higher vibration of spirits that open our hearts to compassion.  They assist the entire Earth in undergoing this Mother phase of our existence.   We are all, in some way, becoming more like the Indigo and Crystal people. They are here to show us the way, and so the information can be applied more generally to all of us as we make the transition to the next stage of our growth and evolution.

Our vibration can change from Indigo to Crystal to eventually Rainbow.  The Rainbow people are the original inhabitants of the Earth.  Those beings who created pyramids and other wonders and whose bodies were completely open and connected to the Divine.  Those who carry the Indigo Rays, are also gifted as the “mothers” and “goddesses” of the planet, and carry the feminine vibration of healing and nurturing.

The generations prior to the Indigos and Crystals had the ability to pretend that everything was great even if it wasn’t.  The new children don’t have the option of going into denial.  They feel others’ emotions as if they were their own.  As parents, we must be sensitive to their needs and keep their home environments free from conflicts.

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Parenting the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children

There are many of you brave and courageous beings who are parenting Indigo, Crystal and/or Rainbow children.  So many of us are anxious about how to raise these children and whether we are doing it “right” for them.  Yes, they are different.  They are stronger, more powerful and often more energetic than other children.  Know that these children have chosen their families for reasons.  You are destined to help them lead the future New Earth.

These children are hard work.  As a parent you will be challenged to accelerate your own personal growth.  Your parenting skills will be questioned in every way, and indeed this is part of the “mission” of these children–to teach you how to parent in loving, wise and compassionate ways.  Very few of you were parented in this way.  Not because your parents were unloving, but because they knew no better. They drew on models of parenting based on fear and conformity.  Your children come to show you how to put aside these patterns and create new ones.

As Mothers, know that your work is so vital to the planet’s future. Every day you are helping to create the New Earth. So, be at peace with your efforts and know that your children value what you do, as they value you and your work.  The future generations of Crystal and Rainbow people will honor you as the wise elders who created the New Earth Archetypes for others to follow.

Here’s some advice for parents:

  • Pray:  Ask for higher assistance when you are irritated.
  • Understand that they are visual – right-brain dominant people have visual memories instead of language-based ones.   They’ll memorize how spelling words “look” instead of how they sound.
  • Explain don’t force – forcing leads to power struggles.  Compromising is better.
  • Attachment parenting – This is a philosophy that advises parents to physically and emotionally bond with their child through sensitive response when the child cries, breastfeeding, carrying the infant in a baby sling, sleeping with the child and providing a gentle home environment.
  • Live and let live – allow your child to be who they are.  When they come home from school angry, they are tired of being caged up all day.  Let them run and feel their emotions.
  • Take care of yourself – Engage in yoga or meditation to become aware of your own divine guidance.
  • Talk to, not down – They dislike patronization.  Have discussions on friendly levels.
  • Chanting and peaceful music – These are excellent ways to get your kids to wind down after a busy day.
  • Schooling – Parents are best to homeschool or at least school additionally after school.  When parents help these children study, they see immediate results.
  • Pay attention and tell the truth – These kids don’t like to be ignored.  They can always tell if you lie or bend the truth.  Always keep your promise.
  • Have patience.
  • Show consistency.
  • Learn from them.

Good luck on your parenting journey of these incredible beings of light.