By Margaret Wilcox

Thoughts are energy and are carried in the mental layer of our energy field. This is why someone intuitive or close to you can “read” your thoughts. When we think things, we place that thought in our energy field. The all-inclusive universe gets the message and you begin attracting that thought.

Every thought we have today may manifest tomorrow, for some immediately. In order to manifest things you want, it is important to focus only on what you DO want. There are no exclusions in this all-inclusive universe. When you see something that you desire, and state that desire (mentally or vocally) you are saying, “Bring it to me.” When you see something that you DO NOT want and you say, “I do not want _____,” that is the same as saying, “Come here, the thing I am thinking about.”

While sleeping, all attraction has stopped. When you awaken in the morning, you begin your mental chatter. Your morning thoughts are the strongest vibration and set your entire day. Notice what you think of when you awaken. Often times it is what you were thinking when you fell asleep the night before. Notice your mental patterns and consciously choose to shift them. Being aware is your first step.

By catching yourself thinking negative thoughts and by actively challenging the reasons behind those thoughts, you can shift your vibration from low to high, and your mood from negative to positive. The opposite is also true, so be careful when you start to dwell on negativity. Your new, low vibration will follow you around for longer than you would like.

Your emotions are a perfect barometer to let you know the level of your vibration and, subsequently, what you will attract if you maintain this vibration. If you’re experiencing “good” feelings, or a sense of opening and flow in your body, then your thoughts, actions, or words are in alignment with what you want. If you’re experiencing “bad” feelings, or a sense of closing or tightening in your body, then your thoughts, actions or words are not in alignment with what you want.

The truth is, NOW is the only time that really matters. What you were feeling and vibrating in the past doesn’t matter anymore. Whatever you are vibrating now is what the universe is responding to.

Often times, moving the body and breathing fully can help release generational and spiritual blocks to abundance stuck in your cell memory. Practice conscious breathing into your belly and then direct it up to you heart. A yoga practice is great at releasing this trapped energy. Yoga works with the spine and all of our energy centers (chakras, the organs of our energy field) are connected to the spine. Therefore, spinal flows can aid in healing all of your layers (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Here are some additional tips to bring in the flow of abundance in all areas of your life.

1. Identify what you don’t want.
2. Know what you do want. (“If I don’t want ___, what I do want is ____.”)
3. Make a list of what you want. The clearer your energy, the more abundance will come.
4. Remove blocks by cultivating positive thought patterns.
5. Take responsibility for your own creations. No blaming!
6. The reason you don’t have more is because you don’t expect it. Feel worthy!
7. Create a vision board to set your sights on your goals.
8. Act on any intuition or guidance.
9. Bring your awareness to what is GOOD around you, even the little things. This will help attract more. Create a gratitude altar.
10. Be open to receiving from everywhere, including compliments.
11. Give thanks for every little things and big that you receive.