Heal Yourself with Crystals

Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleanse new crystals upon purchase and after each treatment if used in healing.  Submerge new stones in salt and water (not selenite) for at least 3 hours.  Then rinse them and let them dry in the sun.  Polish them with a clean cotton cloth.  You can add to this cleansing by putting them out every full moon or adding Reiki energy to them.  Helpful symbols are the Usui Chokurei & Daikomyo and Karuna Reiki Rama & Iava.  Pray that the Reiki flow through you into the crystals, intending to charge them with Reiki and asking them to serve as an instrument for the highest good.  Invite the angels of the stones to assist you in healing.  Crystals can also be used to purify and recharge other crystals, healing stones, or jewelry.

Your Cleansing Process

Wear your new crystals as jewelry or in a pouch at your heart center.  Some crystals are better suited to healing the overall problem which underlies the symptoms, than to just treating the superficial symptoms.  Select your crystal with an honest outlook on the real problem.  Choose those to which you are attracted. It is recommended that you wear no more than two stones at any one time, as the multiple energies may be too distracting. The crystal vibration will work continuously on your imbalances.  In the first week or so, the crystal is making tremendous adjustments within your energy field, matching the matrix of your energy fields to a larger outer universal energy field which will be used in your healing.

It is important to keep the crystal on you all the time (24 hours a day) for at least the first 21 days for the cleansing process to be initiated and completed.  Sleep with them under your pillow at night or by your bedside.  Carry or wear them during the day.  This is also a period of time where the blockages of energy that are causing the imbalance are removed.

Sometimes a healing crisis (you purge) occurs at this point.  Resolving the inner conflict may take time and crystals accelerate the change process.  Allow these processes to occur without interruption, by continuously wearing the crystal until you complete the next two steps.  Your commitment to the crystal is part of the healing process.  Let the crystal do the work for you.  During this time, cleanse your crystal every week to recharge it.

Harmonizing and Integrating

After the 21 day period, you may notice physical and emotional changes as your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies come into alignment.  Toxins and negative energies are being thrown off during the cleansing process which continues.   Beginning about the fourth week, you may notice that your face looks more relaxed as the harmonizing connection is made within yourself.  Your mental thoughts, feelings and opinions may also change significantly.  The result will be a very positive feeling.


The next step can take three to four months, even longer with those suffering from a chronic condition.  With continuous wearing of the crystals, you will achieve stability for the changes.  You can test out the stability by removing your crystals from time to time.  If you feel that you NEED to put it back on after only a few minutes, then keep wearing it.  You may be able to go for a few days without your stones, but then notice if you begin slipping back into your old ways.  Consider wearing your crystals for another week or more or only at bedtime.