What is Karuna Reiki®?

“Karuna¨ in Sanskrit is compassionate action. Karuna Reiki® assists us in opening our hearts profoundly, enabling you to operate from a place of compassionate love and not object-focused love. Karuna Reiki® opens us up to the Goddess energies needed in these times. The feminine principles of compassion and nurturing vs. hate and war. You will gain better access to the higher vibrations of spiritual helpers around you. Heal karmic wounds while you obtain a greater awareness of the healing needed for the collective consciousness.

You will learn new tools for your healer’s toolbox. These tools are new symbols that are amazingly strong. Some of these symbols have been around for centuries. One Karuna Reiki® Master symbol is Om, for example. These symbols can be used alongside the Usui symbols. They can be mixed and matched and interwoven, bringing in whatever is appropriate in each area and situation. They will add a greater depth, focus and potential to your healing work, opening up more possibilities for transformation, particularly where you come across resistance, blocks and reluctance to face painful and deep-seated issues.

Karuna Reiki® is a natural progression after the Reiki Master attunement. The Karuna Reiki® attunement (initiation) heals on very deep levels, so it is recommended that you are committed to following your healing path, with courage and integrity. Expect and be prepared for huge change within yourself in the months following your attunements and during Karuna treatments on yourself and others.

On successful completion of Margaret Wilcox’s Certified Karuna Reiki® Intensive Workshop, you will become a registered Karuna Reiki® Master with the International Center for Reiki Training. This intensive includes all three levels of Karuna training: Pracitioner I, Practitioner II and Master.


~ The origin and history of Karuna Reiki®
~ Karuna and Spirit Helpers
~ The Four Karuna I symbols and their use
~ The Karuna I Master Attunement
~ Practice Session
~ Healing the Shadow Self
~ The Four Karuna II Symbols and their use
~ Violet Breath and Tibetan Master symbols
~ Karuna II Master Attunement
~ Toning and Chanting with Karuna Reiki
~ Teaching Karuna Reiki
~ Ethics and Registration Procedure
~ Time for two meditations, discussion and sharing


1st Level Symbols (4)

Symbol 1 – Heals on a cellular level. Releases cellular memory. It acts as a spiritual anaesthetic, healing past trauma/abuse. Heals past life issues. Links to Archangel Gabriel for Karmic Healing.

Symbol 2 – Very deep healing. Heals the shadow self. Works on negative unconscious patterns. Heals past trauma and abuse. Powerful physical healing tool, especially used with psychic surgery. Dispels psychic and psychological attack. Leads to self-acceptance.

Symbol 3 – The symbol of compassion and love. Like a higher vibration mental/emotional symbol. Heals relationships. Heals addictions and increases motivation for self-improvement and growth. Heals the heart ¡V develops unconditional love and compassion. Increases contact with spiritual beings in particular those focused on alleviating the suffering of humanity; i.e. Kwan Yin, Avalokiteshvara, Mother Mary, Tara.

Symbol 4 – Opens and heals the lower chakras, clears the mind, aids clarity and focus. Manifests material goals. Clears negative energy.

2nd Level Symbols (4)

Symbol 1 – Connects to higher-self. Helps study and communication skills. Increases creativity. Brings higher-self into physical body therefore activates very deep healing and release of emotional pain.

Symbol 2 – Aids connection to earth, grounding and energy flow from hips to feet. Manifests goals. Aids focus and ability to prioritize. Use for world peace.

Symbol 3 – Assists us to claim our full power and not be influenced or controlled by others. Helps us claim our full power. Aids release of negative co-dependencies. Builds/strengthens appropriate boundaries. Earth healing and connection to earth spirits within trees, flowers, animals, rocks, crystals and clouds.

Symbol 4 – Means and brings peace. Clears 3rd eye, increases clairvoyance. Creates trust in the flow of life. Decreases pain, tension, fears, panic and worry. Good for insomnia.

Master Symbols: (3)

Symbol 1 – Connects you to mother earth at the earth star chakra. Centers and grounds in spiritual purpose.

Symbol 2 – Aligns chakras and energy bodies simultaneously.

Symbol 3 – Symbolises unity with all creation. Opens crown chakra. Purifies, protects, seals and stabilizes the aura.