Tears of the Past or Fears of the Future

By Maggie Batt

“I could use a good cry,” you often hear from women.  Crying is a way of expressing that which you cannot express.  When an infant cries, that’s its way of telling you that he/she is distressed.  Common needs of infant cries include the following:  hunger, tired, discomfort, loneliness, over stimulation, picking up on other’s stress, close physical contact, needing loving attention and colic (physical ailments).   So leaving a child to “cry it out” is like ignoring their needs.  Their cries escalate into shrill terror while their heart races and all physiological functions are escalated.  Mothers are hard-wired to respond to their baby’s needs.

As we grow up, we still need to cry but it is now predominantly emotional release, and we actually feel good afterwards, like we just unloaded a heavy burden.  All of our emotions, (worries, fears, joy, happiness, sorrow) stem within our 2nd chakra (belly) and may have been suppressed for too long.   When our 2nd chakra is blocked, our upper chakras begin to malfunction.  We literally take things to heart.  The heart cannot process this emotional garbage, that’s the job of the digesting 2nd chakra.  “Big boys don’t cry.”  “You are making a mountain out of a molehill.”  We’re taught to be strong, to suck it up.  But at what cost to our emotional health?

I firmly believe that most physical ailments have emotional, mental and spiritual roots.  Consider the layers of your aura. Your outermost layer is the egg shell that holds it all together.  I perceive this layer as golden flames.  Within this egg shell are sub layers.  The spiritual layers reside closest to the eggshell and furthest from the body.  Next comes the mental layer, the emotional layer and our etheric layer, closest to the body.  Your physical body is then the end result of what your energy layers possess.

So we are driven by our karma, which may mean we are meant to experience certain sorrow and grief in our lives to learn the life lessons we laid out for ourselves when we were in spirit.  So go ahead, feel it, release it….do what it takes to let it go.  Most women know that the slightest thing can make us cry.  It’s as if the animal shelter commercial has tapped into to a deep reservoir of pain that you haven’t released yet.  Let these little things assist you in letting go of the big stuff.

Now, if you are in a constant state of sorrow, crying for days on end, you need to consider some deeper healing.  It is time to let the past go.  By being in a permanent state of sorrow you are not living in the present.  You keep thinking of the past wrongs and hurts.  Maybe you don’t even know how you got to this state, it’s so buried.  An energy and spiritual counseling session may assist you here.

On the flip side, you may be experiencing anxiety on a daily basis.  These are fears of the future.  Once again you aren’t living in the present moment.  What are you worrying about?  Are these valid fears?  Do you realize the more you think about what “might” happen, the quicker you create that reality?  Our future is rooted in present thoughts.  So whatever you do to your body or mind today will be reflected 2-4 weeks from now.  So stop the vicious cycle now of the monkey mind chatter and be mindful, be present in all that you do and say at this moment.  Use positive affirmations daily.  Tape them in places you will always see them.  Now you are beginning to create the future you desire.

It is time to quit blaming others and instead realize that you create everything around you.  Your car, your house, your relationship, your job, your clothes, your attitudes, your beliefs are all a product of what you have created to help you experience yourself.  It is your choice!  You have the power to transform this pain to love.  Consider practicing forgiveness and positive affirmations to create the world you want to live in, the emotional/mental state you want to possess, and to draw unconditional loving relationships to you.  Know that you deserve that.  You are a pure being of light, a divine spark from your Source.  Honor your divine essence!

Maggie Batt is a workshop leader, spiritual counselor, yoga teacher and natural mom in South Tampa.  Read about her services and workshops, sign up for a free e-newsletter, visit healer’s web store and follow this link to a free Forgiveness Ritual.   www.wheelsoflight.org/forgiveness.

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