Each new moon falls under a particular zodiac sign. A new moon is  a great time to start a new project, set a goal, or ask for something to come to you (love, money, balance, etc.)  Consult your moon phase calendar to determine what each sign can do for you as you set your energy toward your goal.  Honor each sign of the zodiac on these days.

Aries resolves to get physical through exercising your body after hibernating through winter.  Be clear about what you desire in life.  Raise Athena’s energy for plotting a career strategy.  Invoke Freya if your libido is smothered under too many layers of thermal underwear.

Taurus affirms life in all its voluptuous diversity.  Taste it, touch it, see it, and hear it.  Love it.  Bless the abundance of Gaia and know that She is Good.  Affirm abundance and give thanks, as the list of blessings grows ever longer with each passing day.

Gemini works with Iris, the Rainbow Goddess, who brings messages from the underworld.  Affirm communication and celebrate day-to-day encounters within your immediate environment; pass on your knowledge and helpful information.

Cancer affirms the creative lunancy that is about “going sane”.  Summer Solstice is the Moon Goddess’ greatest day of rest, yet She rules this time of year.  Celebrate our Mother at play and Her generous bounty.

Leo rewards the hard work of the summer.  Affirm creativity and make space and time for your Inner Child.  Invoke Sekhmet, the lion-headed Goddess, if you have temporarily mislaid your passion for life; the mother lion will soon hunt up your joy.

Virgo enjoys the winnowing process.  Affirm “preservation” by squirreling away the Goddess’ bounty of nuts and fruit into the pantry.  Invoke Hygea as you stock your cupboards with herbs and remedies to cure.

Libra stands on a perfectly even keel at Autumn Equinox.  Affirm fairness and parity.  Affirm the equal distribution of Goddess’ goods.  Admire Aphrodite’s bumper crop of apples and toast her with cider.

Scorpio affirms banishing and culling.  Letting go makes way for the new.  Affirm the reality of Hecate by paying attention to shadows from other dimensions.

Sagittarius ponders the Great Truths of the Universe.  Invoke Diana as an antidote to the materialism of consumer society.  An expert archer, She will strengthen your resolve to hunt for Truth and reconnect you to Nature.

Capricorn promises the return of Light as the Great Mother births the Sun.   Affirm optimism in the face of darkness and warmth as an antidote to cold or indifference.  Invoke Sophia as the spirit of Enlightenment to shine wisdom into every dark corner.

Aquarius affirms renewal of life.  Rearrange your mental furniture.  Tap a maple tree and celebrate the sap rising.  Watch bulbs begin to push their way up through the soil.

Pisces brings the cycle back around to the beginning.  Kwan Yin, the Goddess of unconditional love, blesses endings.  Resolve to end the cycle with good karma.  Invite your unconscious to dream vividly so that your consciousness may become enlightened and compassionate.  Invoke Persephone on days when it seems as if spring will never emerge.