Wisdom as Intuition
Sources:  Christiane Northrup and Susun Weed


In ancient women’s mysteries there are three main phases of a woman’s life:  Maiden, Mother and Crone.  You approach your Crone years during menopause, when one valve of your energy gate at your Root Chakra (energy center at the base of spine) closes.  The open valve allows kundalini to enter; the closed one prevents it from leaving.  Now kundalini, unable to return to earth, builds up in the pelvic tissues, leading some women to say that menopause is PMS that never stops.  But kundalini naturally, and guided by hot flashes, goes up the spine, conferring enlightenment, but not all at once.

As the kundalini rises, it passes through six chakras. If a chakra is resistant to being activated, symptoms relating to the chakra may occur; some painful and distressful, awakening shamanic abilities and perhaps causing the menopausal woman (or her family and friends) to think she’s going crazy. She has never been saner. After kundalini awakes it becomes impossible to continue believing that external reality is the sole reality.  No wonder old women are honored and feared throughout the world.  They are now more connected to their divine selves.

When menopausal symptoms are understood as energy movement a woman feels more at ease, instead of feeling victimized by her body. Quiet time alone in nature or listening to soothing music allows thoughts and feelings to arise and opens the way for the flow of kundalini. Yoga and Reiki are especially beneficial. After several years of practice, kundalini moves freely up the spine and out the crown, symptoms gradually subside and overall energy increases.  The woman now officially reaches her Crone years and becomes a wise one.

Our elders then who are the wisest of all and should be treated with respect.  I don’t feel our current culture supports that.  In the traditional Hawaiian ways the elders in council were called Kupunas. They were seen as a fountain of knowledge.  The ruling Kupunas ruled together not individually.  Family (ohana) members did not question the Kupunas.  They had the greatest mana (energy) and knowledge.  For this reason they were the leaders.  They handled all disputes.  The Hawaiians also believed that their ancestors that died were still guiding the family in spirit and were always remembered in prayer or chants.  They had access to the spirit world through their ancestor messengers.  They were one with all things and matter.

It can also be said that some people were born wise.  Through their experience lifetime after lifetime they go through a remembering of who they are and where they came from.   They understand that we are all connected to the divine and by radiating love and compassion we can heal the planet.

How can our generations of today gain their innermost wisdom?  I say through their intuition.  Intuition can be a simple “knowing” of the path of least resistance.  You have an understanding of how to get from point A to point B effectively.  You may receive intuition through your higher-self or guardian angel. This can be seen as listening to that inner voice inside of you.  Intuition may also come from your guides or an enlightened beings sending you signals.  The trick is to read and understand these signals and to trust that your higher-self, your spirit, you in perfection, knows what it is meant to do in this lifetime and is working for your greater good.

We’ve all done it.  There are times where you haven’t listened to your intuition.  Maybe you grabbed that hot pot on the stove when your intuition just told you not to, but you did it anyway and paid the price.  Maybe you “felt” in your gut that what you were doing was the wrong thing to do, but you did it anyway.

Don’t let those self-doubts creep up on you.  Trust that your body knows what is best.  It will communicate to you.  Maybe you get a pain in your neck every time you work on a specific project.  What is your body trying to tell you?  Watch what you are doing as recurring symptoms arise within.  Know that you have spirit helpers that want to guide you on your path, they are just waiting for you to communicate with them.  They won’t interfere though…you must ask for assistance.  Once you ask, pay attention to the signs.  They will come in a form that only you can understand.  Via words you see throughout the day or messages that come from others.  The trick is to listen and pay attention.  Usually signs reveal themselves three times.

It is important to go with the flow.  Feel free to make plans, write up to-do lists and take the same roads everyday, but also allow yourself to be misdirected.  Everything happens for a reason.  There may be a reason you weren’t meant to make that meeting.  Perhaps just the stress of getting there is enough to give you that warning to just stop and listen.  When we are not in the flow in our lives our Crown chakra is not working properly.  The Crown chakra located at the top of the head, connects you directly to your divine source.  When our crown is out of whack we have accidents (whether caused by you or not), or we lose our keys and just can’t get our head on straight.  Accidents are wake up calls!  What are you doing wrong in your life right now.  Pay attention to these signs.  The simpler you can make your life the better.  Be sure to allow time on your schedule for rest and daydreaming.  It is through daydreaming that we visualize our goals and can then attain them.

Spend time in meditation or practice self-energy work like Reiki.  We lie in an external (masculine) world where we are constant products of what we do and how we do it.  In order to help heal ourselves and the world around us, we must take the time to be silent and still, to listen to what your inner voice and guides are telling you.  Bring in the feminine principles of compassion and nurturing.  Envision the future you want.  This is how you really make changes, by going within.  Good luck on your journey!