Fairy Spirits
By Maggie Wilcox

(Written for kids and childlike adults.)

The Levels of Spirit Helpers

We are all made up of light. Each being of light lives on a specific level, like a ladder. The humans live on the bottom (densest) energy level, followed by the plants and animals, the fairies (faeries), our deceased loved ones/spirit guides, the ascended masters (those who used to live on Earth but no longer need the physical form), guardian angels, archangels and the divine source.

Humans are the easiest to see because our thoughts are largely materially focused. We humans do things the hard way, such as working hard, instead of wishing for what we need.

Fairies play more and simply wish (manifest) for what they need. This gives them lighter hearts and schedules and their bodies are lighter and harder to see than ours.

The fairies love the richness of the Earth and love to have a good time in Mother Nature. They are easier to see than angels, who are completely focused upon love and spirit.

The fairies are the guardian angels of the plants and animals. We also each have a guardian angel that looks out for us.

We call fairies elementals because they are made up of all the elements of earth, air, fire and water. This gives them lighter hearts and schedules, and thus, their bodies are lighter than ours.

Nature Spirits

Little people everywhere,

Your fun and love I seek to share.

Gronkydoddles hear my call,

Leprechauns come one and all.

Leader Gob, of Gnome and Troll,

Come and share your humor droll.

Neckna and your Undines bold,

Play with me your games of old.

Paralda, Zephryrs of the air,

Caress me while my skin is bare.

Salamanders led by Djin,

The candle flames you may play in.

Nature spirits of all sort,

In friendship let us now cavort

A child of love for you I’ll be,

My mood is light as you can see.

And always as you sing and play,

I feel my troubles fade away.

Your laughter, love and fun shine through,

And help me feel alive like you.

The Earth is full of Nature Spirits, also called Elementals that can be broken down into Fairies (Faeries), Sprites, Brownies, Gronkydoodles, Elves, Gnomes, Trolls, Leprechauns, Tree People, Bush People, Pixies, Mermaids, Unicorns, Sylphs, Zephryrs and Undines. We’ll refer to all of these generally as fairies (faeries), nature spirits or elementals. They reside in the Earth and enjoy lush green habitats. They are the protectors of the Earth and are watching over Her and all things on the Earth, even humans. All over the world, from Japan, to Ireland to the Native American Indians, tales have been told of the “little people”.

Talking with the fairies will add healing, laughter, protection and abundance to your life. If you help the fairies by cleaning up the Earth, they will let you see them and play with them.

Seeing Fairies

It takes time to see fairies for some and for others it comes naturally. Children can view the nature spirits better. As we get older, we get too caught up in paying the bills, going to the grocery store and rushing to work. We need more time in our lives for play. Playing like the fairies, in nature allows you to connect with them.

Start by building things for them and leaving a lush part of your yard to go wild. They love offerings of milk and honey. They are most appreciative when you feed the yard animals (bird, bats and squirrels). Speak to them every time you go out in nature. Just say hello or a do the full chant like the one above.

You may begin to feel a tingling sensation coming up your legs, a warm or a happy and light feeling. Whenever your body aches go out in nature and imagine your legs are like the roots of a tree going down into the Earth; then ask the fairies for healing. Since they are so close to the physical realm, they can greatly help in physical, emotional and mental healing.

When trying to see the fairies, you should squint your eyes slightly and soften your focus or gaze. Be open to possibilities. Look past the plants and flowers. Hold the intention of seeing fairies. Be aware of any doubts or fears in your mind. They can read (hear) your mind. See them with the eyes of your heart and not the eyes in your head. You may half see them in your mind’s eye, and half with your physical sight.

You may see streaks of white light jumping from flower to flower. The fairies jump about like fireflies. They’re two to three inches long, sometimes shorter and sometimes taller. There are also larger fairies that are 3 feet high. You may see small beings playing on the water or even a mermaid which is quite large, but there is only 1 or 2 per ocean.

At first, you’ll probably just see their energy. Fairies are shy and they can read your thoughts and emotions. They may take time to come out. Looking at them from the side of your eye (peripherally) is helpful.

Bush and Tree People

Watch the trees and bushes for faces in nature. You’ll see some amazing images. One large spirit resides within each bush and tree. Hug and talk to those trees. Trees move at a v-e-r-y slow frequency, and to them, we wiz by them. Stop and notice the trees. They are the standing people of Mother Earth.

Healing Earth Animals

Dragonflies, butterflies, frogs, dolphins and whales are close to the fairy kingdom. They help relieve stress from Mother Earth.

This is why frogs are in fairy tales. The human heart recognizes the magic of the elementals. They chant deep baritone music to ward away stress on the Earth and Her waters.

Dragonflies work with the frogs. Their wings hum a steady sound that releases negative thoughts. Dragonfly wings are similar to fairy wings. Listening to the tones and hums of frogs and dragonflies can heal you.

Boating or swimming with dolphins and whales is also an incredible healing experience. Their melodic singing can be heard under water.

Rocks and Crystals

Every single thing is alive. The rocks are composed of granite and quartz crystal. They act as a library of wisdom. Sit on a rock when you need to slow down and receive answers to your questions. They are great for meditation!

Crystals are great for healing your moods and lifting your energy. Try to sleep with an amethyst crystal under your pillow to have good dreams.

A Fairy Garden

A good way to honor the fairies is by making their world fun. The fairies’ energy will become stronger the more you believe in them. Build a fairy house or fun spot. When mushrooms and clover have grown in your yard, it’s a sure sign that gnomes and leprechauns are making their homes there.

Fairies love it when you take good care of plants and animals. Our root chakra (energy center) rules our needs, like security, shelter, food and sleep. All the things we need as a child. Being in nature (walking, planting) brings you good physical health. We take up energy from the Earth up our legs and through our root chakra.

Faeries are ready to talk to us now so we can help with the healing of the Earth. They want us to help the animals that are suffering, our air being polluted, and our waterways being contaminated. The waterways are like the blood vessels of the Earth. If they become clogged, her whole being will shut down.

Every time a person believes in the faeries, the faeries receive more power. They need more power to heal the Earth.

If you don’t see fairies yet look for proof of them. Look for the blooming flowers, taller plants, butterflies, dragonflies, birds and squirrels. You are seeing their artwork. Warn the fairies before walking on the grass, picking flowers, pruning and mowing the lawn.