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I've been blessed to have known the best teachers/most beautiful souls. Maggie is at the top of both lists. I could write a book about her goodness. I only get 180 letters though.

-- Aaron H. (Roseville, MI USA)

Maggie blasted me back into manifesting the life I wanted helping with savings, mindfulness and deeper spiritual awakenings.  She's such a pleasure to learn from with an amazing calming yet motivating energy!  No intimidation at all and really helps you break out of your minds limitations.

-- Felicia R. (Leominster, MA USA)

21 Day Manifesting with Maggie was a great experience for this overworked woman. First of all it brought me back to myself. Second it helped me to see how how my limiting beliefs held me back. Third the class and Maggie definitely brought abundance into my life.

-- Nicole K. (Lafayette, LA USA)

I enrolled in Maggie's 21 Days of Manifesting to attract prosperity on all levels. Each day she brought something new to our online Facebook group and was intuitively guided while sharing her knowledge with us. I absolutely loved all of the guided meditations, diving into the Chakras and clearing out blocks, learning to love and accept myself on all levels and being one with the Universe. Her method of teaching brings light energy to your soul and it just feels amazing! Namaste!

-- Jenniffer B. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA)

Maggie is a blessing to this world.🙏 She is one of the most gifted, intuitive, kind, genuine, authentic, talented, beautiful souls that I have ever come across. Incredible teacher

-- Rhonda B. (Canada)

I have worked with Maggie in person and remotely for over fifteen years. The impact made in my life is massive. I can’t Thank her enough for the joy and friendship we share.

-- Scott L. (Tampa)

I attended Rasa-Lila Yoga Fest this past weekend and meeting Maggie was one of the best things about the entire festival!

-- Dalia S. (Orlando)

We met after your amazing meditation Saturday morning at the Rasa-ila Yoga Festival.  Easily one of the deepest and cleansing meditations I've ever experienced.

-- Lori H. (Tampa)

Maggie is a wonderful person who helped me more than I could ever imagine.  I've tried many things but this is the first time ever I actually could feel and see difference in both my physical and emotional life.  Other people noticed it too.  Maggie also healed my family members and they have felt better, stronger and healthier too.  I'm truly grateful that something showed me the way to this website.  I hope to stay in touch with Maggie because I plan to have these family healings at least once a year.

-- Monika (Sweden) -  (after healing for a month family package)

The month of energy that you bestowed upon was an enlightened act of self-love and a gift I gave myself for my birthday.  I have spent lifetimes shielding myself and burying my head in the sand in fear and piling layer upon layer around my being with the false belief that hiding and isolation will keep the hurtful stuff away.  I know and I have always known real courage comes from unconditional self-love.  Now, I am the butterfly emerging from the cocoon.  Self-Awareness; Unconditional Self-Love; Positivity; Gratitude... These are the gifts from the Universe that we all deserve:  Happiness; Joy; Peace; Prosperity...  Somewhere along the line, I was taught that I am not deserving.

The month of energy that you have poured over me has helped to bring me back to myself.  It has also helped me to understand at a deeper level that I am not alone.  During this month of attunements and sessions, I was challenged by deep fear...actually terror, brought on by Hurricane Isaac.  It was also during this time my husband became ill and I had to take him to the hospital.  Many times, I turned to the materials you sent for comfort, guidance and love, and many times I was able to pull myself out of those dark places of low energy.

I have really felt connected to the Archangels and in particular Archangel Michael.  His protection is strong and I call upon him all the time (thank you A. Michael!).  I recall while I was engaging with the Archangel Colours Attunement you sent me, that it was while I was reading and acquainting myself with the Archangel Uriel, that I found myself reading out loud and then crying while I was reading.  I also found myself arching my back--almost like a muscle spasm but more dramatic.  It was almost as it there were wings on my back and I was trying to take flight.

Everything you sent, felt incredibly personal and I was honored with each attunement, energy and blessing from you.  And what's really cool about all the yummy energy and attunements is that the more you engage, the more empowered you become.  And it's always there for you, like breathing.  There is so much in my heart, so much love, so much words are feeble and inadequate and cannot possibly convey what I feel and continue to experience.  What you do is good and pure and you empower people to love themselves authentically so that we, in turn, can send that goodness out into the Universe.

I know now that I do have a purpose in this life and I thank you for that.  I love a bargain, and I'm in awe of how much time you spent on me. Yours in peace, love and light.

-- Susan B. (New Orleans) - (after month-of-energy session)

Hi, I ordered your Fertility Tonic almost 2 weeks ago.  Thank you for sending!  In addition to trying for another baby, I have experienced bad PMS symptoms and read that low progesterone can cause this.  After doing some research, I found that the Chaste Tree in the tonic can help increase progesterone.  Today is Thursday and I started drinking one tea bad a day last Friday--exactly one week ago.  And I have to tell you, starting yesterday I feel amazing.  I'm so joyful and happy with the 2 small children I have and really enjoying each day.  Progesterone is called the "feel good" hormone--could the tonic already increased my level?  I read that Chaste Tree was slow to work and could take up to a year--could it have helped me in a week?  [Maggie Wilcox:  Yes it can help that quickly!]

-- Kristin L. (Pennsylvania)

I received the attunements (long-distance) today around 12pm Caribbean Time.  It was warm and powerful came in through my feet, and then came up to my whole body.  I felt ripples inside my cells and felt a complete comfort.  I felt like being alone for the whole day but had to pick up my son from school.  I am not getting time to reply to your mail and there is still so much energy coming from my feet.  Please never underestimate what you give to others.  It is powerful and pure.  Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with me.  I receive it in much gratitude.

-- Janine S. (Trinidad)

I have received a whole lot of attunements/healings from Maggie over the last year and a half. The experiences are varied, with some energies strong and heavy and some rather light but intense.  Although I receive them as chi balls sometime after the attunement is sent, I can feel the energies at the time when Maggie is preparing them as distinct pressure in my 3rd eye chakra and a strong need to lie down. The healings are also very intense, especially the Crystal reiki healing after receiving the Atlantean and Crystal Reiki Attunements and the Kahuna ARCH healing.  A few nights back, I received the Necari Reiki II Attunement and felt the grounding energies instantly.  It was absolutely amazing as I had been feeling very spacey earlier on that day...These experiences never fail to amaze me and I truly appreciate Maggie's continuous support and guidance...looking forward to more attunements.

-- Sangeetha Rebecca K. (India)

Maggie, I have had many long-distance attunements done by you and they are very powerful and work great with all the other healing techniques and energies I use. Thank you for offering so many different distant attunements!

-- Karla Gutierrez

Thank you Maggie for all your attunements, distance is nothing bothering for you.  Vibration, fine, energy, colours, relaxation, detox, flowers, astral...a lot from your part and with your help, the most is your love and light...your path.  For me, it was a good choice to receive your attunements, all of them. Resonance is a good sign in energy, but the soul-touch is a gift.  So thank you many times, be blessed, greeting with Light.

-- Mihaela Sinn (Romania)

The Hamied attunement has been very powerful.  I have had a crazy string of miracles flowing into my life almost daily since I started calling in that energy during meditation and Reiki. The spiritual consultation using Reiki and Kahuna energy was amazing.  The energy reading opened my eyes to things my own intuition was missing.  When I read it, it immediately made sense. I actually started laughing and crying at the same time when I read it, the morning after the energy was sent.  I felt intense relief and joy.  The higher clearing ray attunement was also fantastic.  I woke up in the night feeling an intense tingling in my arms, back and chest.  It was so intense that I thought I was having a stroke for a second!  When I woke up, I received your email about the attunement the night before.  I think that may have been when you were opening the angel wings.  During my sessions, I've been using those wings, filled with the green energy, Hamied energy and the Reiki.  It has been very strong and it actually helped two of the people I was working on who had problems with their depth perception. I'm still getting used to work with them.

-- Kelli K. - (After Online Attunements)

I just wanted to say thank you at a higher level, for this wonderful experience.  This past weekend was one full of great and incredible energy, a weekend of self development and self recognition, and a weekend of realizing that we are all energy and that we all share the wonderful joy of walking a path to enlightenment.  I feel blessed that you all shared this weekend with me.  It has been a pleasure and a learning experience.

-- Jomaislu M.:  (After Karuna Reiki Intensive)

Maggie is a gifted Healing Arts instructor.  She demonstrates a profound understanding of her craft and she has the business savvy needed to put together successful workshops and classes.  The Reiki II workshop I attended was on-time, well thought out, informative and transformative!  I am completely pleased with the investment I made in myself and look forward to further spiritual growth in Maggie's workshops.

-- Michele S.

So I'm doing my regular Reiki on myself in bed before sleeping.  I call on all the Reiki guides (different systems) mish mosh of energies so I don't know exactly which Reiki is actually coming thru.  I have to say that the energy feels different after those attunements.  WOW!  It feels more intense without even trying or drawing any symbols.  I just called the energies and it felt stronger than ever.  I took my pointer finger and placed it in the middle of my chest, don't know why exactly, I was just drawn to do so, and it felt like everytime I placed my finger on my skin, I was getting zapped!  Like a tiny stun gun, it freaked me out.  My insides were vibrating the whole time I had my hands on myself.  Cool!

-- Karla Gutierrez:  (After Crystal Reiki)

I had written a prayer request week before last for Joe Puzzi & I just wanted to give you an update.  He is 100% cancer free!  The problem was a cancerous tumor that was in his stomach that had ruptured & of course left him bleeding internally. He is still in the hospital healing well. He does have 2 compressed discs in his lower back from the fall he took when he passed  out which are paralyzing him from the waist up.  But the doctor said that will change as time goes on and his body heals.  His wife Virginia asked me to thank all that sent the Reiki to him.  She is of course thrilled.  Thank you again & again! [Note:  Keep sending Joe Puzzi light, love and Reiki.]

-- Angelia S.  (After Online Healing Request)

I was at the lowest point in my life when I met Maggie who bestowed the blessing of Reiki on me.  Without this strong intention for love and healing, I would have continued on a downward spiral.  Reiki is pure love waiting here for us to open up to it.  My gratitude to Maggie for teaching me the way.

-- Michelle D.

I was looking to expand my horizons with both myself and my business. My clients have been interested in aromatherapy, at home bath and essential oils, teas, herbal eye pads, stones for the eyes, Chakra balancing and Reiki, so I started talking to several instructors. Maggie went out of her way to make me a schedule that fit my timeline.  She was  a very knowledgeable, professional and extremely pleasant to have as a teacher.  She truly listened to what I was looking for that shed light on aspects of my business and my personal life.  I want to thank you for all that you do.  You are making such positive changes in peoples lives and I am bless to have my life cross with yours.   I feel confident that the knowledge that I received will help me in my quest to enlighten and help others.

-- Lisa J.  (After Reiki training)

Wow, truly life changing!  I didn't realize the weight of my karma until the Karuna energy began to heal it, nor did I realize the amount of pain and anger I was holding in my heart until it was released and healed.  I feel that my heart chakra is now fully open, and love and compassion can now flow through me freely as I have never felt before.  I feel more connected to those I love, to the Earth, and to our Heavenly Father/Mother.  The blessing of the Karuna Reiki Master Attunement is worth more than any amount of money.  The incredible healing tools I've learned in your class have advanced my abilities as a conduit of healing tenfold.  Thank you Maggie!  On a personal note, the meditations and attunements were awesome!  I saw everything you described in detail and a lot more.  I have studied the New Hermetics by Jason Newcomb and consider myself a Psychonaut;  I practice astral projection and lucent dreaming regularly, and I've even experimented with Shamanic herbs from the Amazon rainforest.  During the final attunement, I was taken atop the Astral Temple my guides always lead me to, and all of the nine Archangels listed in the Karuna Reiki book by Laurelle Shanti Gaia, plus two others, circled around me and formed a suit of armor and wings for me. Then the spiritual essence of Quan Yin, which appeared as golden light, surged into my heart chakra, finalizing the healing process of my heart...and then strengthened my new armor and lined my wings with gold. I was amazing!  This is definitely a shortened version of the experience and there was a lot more that lead up to allthat, such as facing my shadow self, which was intense.....this is the climax of my (Karuna) Reiki attunements with you.  Thank you again.

-- James Lucien:  (After Karuna Reiki II)

[Note:  James in now in Japan pursuing his vision.  See his website at]

The next day my leg and back did not hurt at all!  I have been really emotional though.  Today my leg and back hurt a little but nothing like before.

-- Amy M.  (After a Reiki session)

[Note:  Physical ailments usually have emotional roots.]

I've been studying the manual and doing 15 minutes of Karuna on myself every day since the class and plan to continue to do so until at least our next class.  I feel so much stronger, lighter, and even more clear-headed.  I was unaware of the weight of my karma until it began to heal.  Karuna really is an amazing energy, very blissful too.  While Usui (Reiki) always feels green, Karuna feels like a light purple.  I think you mentioned that in class, now I know it to be true for myself.

-- James Lucien:  (After Karuna Reiki I)

I can't wait for TriYoga!!  I just haven't found another style that I like as much with as wonderful as an instructor as you!

-- Brandi Kamenar

The other day I received amazing news...a few weeks after giving distance healing through a reiki circle to my friend's little sister, who had been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, has "miraculously" gotten better. She has been able to go off of chemo and the doctors are amazed.  Her family is one of tremendous strength, faith and love.  I felt such profound energies while giving the distance healing. Thank you again and again and again for this light. 🙂

-- Melissa Carroll

Maggie, my life is great; it really is. My health, both physical and mental, is due in great part to your teachings.  Until very recently, I had no idea how much of an impact you had on my life.  Every day, I walk through the lanes and up to the Lake for about an hour, sometimes more. I even jog a couple of times a week--but only if I feel like it.  I'm not the least embarrassed to stop and talk to a tree or two on the way.  I have the most beautiful health club outside my door, and it's free.  I really listen to my body and the signals it gives me--when to eat, when to rest, when to exercise. I have watched the yoga tape you loaned me more often.  My family loves it too.

My herb garden is flourishing, and I've planted sage and bee balm as well as the traditional basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano and dill.  I also have made the ground cover with mint and drink decaf mint tea regularly when thirst instead of sodas or wine.  I bake blueberry muffins for the kids and cook home-cooked meals.  I've lost another 10 lbs!

-- Bonnie Schultz: (Health Cops New Orleans candidate, where yoga, Reiki, whole-foods and spiritual guidance were introduced.)

Maggie, I cannot thank you enough for the incredible gift of Reiki. Meeting you and being attuned has been by far one of the greatest things to ever happen to me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I used to have chronic sinusitis and was taking about 6 Tylenols a day for my headaches. After Reiki I, my headaches seemed to virtually disappear!  Emotionally, Reiki has given me a sense of strength, inner peace and calm that I never believed I could attain. And just two days ago, I gave my cousin Reiki because she had sinus surgery that went horribly wrong, flatlined on the operating table, and in the process a breathing tube ripped a hole in her throat. Now it is very difficult for her to speak and eat, and doctors and specialists can't seem to help her. During the treatment we both felt tremendous heat around her heart and throat chakras, and afterward she said she could breathe through her nose, something she hadn't been able to do in months!

-- Melissa Carroll

About 6 weeks after I became a Reiki Master through your workshops, I decided to take the plunge and do my first Reiki I attunement.  I wrote my manual, sent out the intro packets to my 7 students, and the workshop was awesome. Everyone was in their relaxed state and ready.  I prepared myself to do the attunements and suddenly went blank as to how I should proceed!  As I began to panic, I felt something hit my right shoulder and suddenly the whole attunement procedure became clear. I proceeded with no hitches!  Was it an angel wing?  My Reiki Master in Spirit?  All of the above? Perhaps! How awesome! Mahalo nui loa!

-- Ellen S.

Thank you so much Maggie.  I loved the Karuna training and attunements, last night, being the 4th of July and only the 2nd most fearful night in Lucy's life due to the fireworks, was so much easier than in the past.  I used to have to give her 1/2 of a doggie valium, but this year, I gave her Karuna healing to heal her past and hidden memories of why she is so afraid.  It was amazing, I did the entire series of healing symbols on her and she slept like a baby!  I love that sending distance healing is so much more powerful and when working on myself for the first time after our training, I was bathed in a powerful white electrifying light that gave me so much energy to share with others in need.

-- Denise Barnes

The Workshop was a GREAT SUCCESS!!!  I can't thank you enough for your guidance throughout this entire process I was so nervous but once I started the class it just started flowing.  All the students really felt the Reiki energy flow, at times it felt like there were 25 people in the room instead of 6... I am happy to report it was amazing, and all the people in the class very gifted!

-- Alison Pradella: (A former student, on teaching her own Reiki class)

I REALLY liked your Reiki Class.  Your energy is positive, confident and your class has good flow to it.  I made several mental notes as to how I wanted to remember certain things you did so I can do the same in my classes.  Just as a side observation...I liked that you shared a little bit about yourself and how you are going through certain issues now also.  You didn't overshare, which as a teacher is important, but you included yourself into the class also.  Over my many years, I have enjoyed learning from others who can relate to me.

-- Stephanie H. 

I have to be honest. When I was searching for a Reiki Master class (as I had the level 1 and 2 already) I saw your ad and liked the price. I received your emails and saved them, but I never took advantage of another class (well I did one, the soulmate thing). The more I have been to your web site and done some reading, the more I realized I MADE A BIG MISTAKE by not spending more time with you when I had the opportunity. I am very impressed with your accomplishments and areas of practice.  Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. Even if I have to travel to Florida. I believe there is MUCH I can learn from you.

-- Kathleen C.

I just wanted to tell that you're the reason I'm a Reiki practitioner. I first heard the word Reiki when I saw you on Health Cops when it first aired. Oddly enough the word kept popping up in the strangest places. I finally did some research and it resonated with my spirit that I was to be a part of this. I have since been attuned to Levels I and II. In the last year I have been doing a lot of spiritual work and now I'm getting my Master/Teacher attunement the first part of October. Your explanation of Reiki and you calming spirit piqued my curiosity and let me know it was something I wanted to know more about. I found you here by accident and was wonderfully surprised to find that you are in Tampa also. I thought you were in New Orleans. I have been thinking a lot about you and the other participants since the tragedy in New Orleans. Again, I'm very glad to know you're here and I just wanted to let you know what you did for me without even knowing it. Thank you very much.

-- Joan M.

Testimonial From Maggie Herself:

I'd had my Reiki mastery for one year, around 2000, and I was fishing with my dad off a pier in Morro Bay, CA.  We were using frozen fish for bait, chad I guess.  I hooked mine, cast it....and then suddenly I thought I caught a bite.  But no, was my bait brought back to life.  It was even bleeding where I placed the hook.  Cryogenics and Reiki?  My dad said in all of his 70 years, he had "never seen anything like it."

Not long after my attunements, I was working in Santa Monica and started to have severe pain in my lower abdomen.  It was hard to tell where it was coming from as my entire 2nd Chakra area was on fire in pain.  I had to lie on the floor.  I immediately began to give myself Reiki.  After 30 minutes I had no pain or weakness.  By the end of the day I was able to catch my flight to Vegas to be with my girls (my heydays).  After going to the gyno, I learned that I had ruptured an ovarian cyst which can require hospitalization.  What an amazing healing tool put to the test.