Gratitude for Abundance
By Margaret Wilcox

How can you graciously receive more prosperity, compliments, gifts, joy, friendships and fertility? The answer is simple—by having gratitude for the things you do have. This may seem like a difficult concept for those of you that are struggling and have lost so much.

Let me give you an example. When I have an abundant goal in mind (peace, joy, healing, or car repair) I PRAY. Yep, I pray to my God/Goddess and my angels…my Source. I’m sending a message out to the Universe. Our Spirit Helpers want to assist us, but they do not impose on our free will, so we have to ask for assistance.

By communicating more and more, I now have a direct phone line. My thoughts manifest so quickly. I have to be very careful of the negative ones that creep in. Things like, “I never have enough time to do what I love.” OR “I can’t afford that.” When I do catch myself in the negative, I state “CANCEL.” Cancel my order that I just accidentally placed with the Universe. I then think in an upward spiral. “I’m provided for.” “I am safe.” “I am always supported by the Universe.”

When the abundance flows in and I am open to receiving, I then THANK my Source and Spirit Helpers. It is important to acknowledge what comes in no matter how small….no matter how small! This has caused me to appreciate the pennies I find on the ground. I now see them as gifts from Source. I place them in a bowl on my altar with white candles for purity and green candles for abundance and to represent my love of Mother Earth. My little bowl is now overflowing and it is time to switch to a larger one.

I count my blessings when I feel desperate and thank Source for my family, our health and a roof over our heads. You cannot receive abundance when you are coming from a place of desperation. This energy blocks everything and makes you feel hopeless. If you feel this energy, ask your Source to heal the very core of this energy from the root. Forgive anyone you have ever blamed for causing you to feel desperate, including yourself. Ask for your worry to be released so you may feel peaceful.

Having envy or jealousy towards a person or group can be the very thing that keeps what you want away. Rather than being envious of what others have, acknowledge their abundance and be happy for what they have achieved. Know that if they can do it, you can too! There is enough out there for everyone.

Another energy that can block abundance is the energy of hoarding, which may appear to others as stinginess. You fear losing what you have. This is simply a matter of not being able to trust that there is enough for everyone.

It is important when setting abundance goals that you don’t set goals that are too long-term. If you reach too far ahead and your energy vibration is not aligned with that goal, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. Accept little improvements, be grateful for them and the energy of gratitude will attract more and more good things to you.

Awareness is everything. Once you are aware of your resistance and your blocks to abundance, you begin your healing journey. Start a gratitude journal. Count your blessings daily. Visualize your goals and they will come quickly.

Rev. Margaret Wilcox is an energy healer, workshop leader, yoga teacher and earth momma. For further information, you may enjoy her Spirit Helpers E-book and her Earth & Abundance E-book found HERE.