Spiritual Growth

By Maggie Batt

Our souls are here for a purpose.  There is something we are meant to be doing in this lifetime to elevate our spiritual growth.  We’ve all had many lifetimes and have experienced many forms of being from the lowest worm to where we are now.  Before we came to this Earth, we made contracts and agreements with ourselves, our soul mates and our Source.  We selected our parents, our circumstances, our situations in order to best fulfill our life purpose and burn away our karma from another life.  Those who we haven’t quite forgiven, interacted with, or healed from another lifetime may resurface in this lifetime until we fulfill contracts with these soul mates.

We all operate at different frequencies or vibrations.  Some of us are like a 110 volt battery, where others may be more like 220 or 440 volts.  Indigos are said to operate at these higher frequencies.  You know who you are–your burning need to get things done–your warrior like nature since you were young.  Any ADD-like tendencies can be caused by your Indigo spirit pushing you to get on your karmic path.  You may be so full of energy; you don’t know how to handle it.  Some of us know what we’re supposed to be doing from the moment we enter this Earthly body.  Others may feel a bit muddled and more like a cog on a wheel.  We are all caterpillars waiting to emerge as butterflies.

The thing is some people are happy being caterpillars.  We can only accelerate our own growth and not others.  You may resonate more with butterflies.  If so, then why are you hanging out with the caterpillars?  If your desire is to transform then only you are holding yourself back and no one else.  Be free to soar and show off your multitude of colors.

Many of you are concerned about the state of the planet on December 21, 2012.  The higher your vibration, the more protection and insight you will have in this situation.  Every time you pray, perform healing work like Reiki, do service, meditate and connect to Angels and Source, you raise your vibration.  When your vibration is so high, you are happy and whole.  When the lower earthly stuff tries to bring you down, you rise above it, keeping your thoughts lifted yet at the same time you are being protected.  The sludge of the universe literally slides off of you.  Light always conquers, but you must bring it in daily.  Talk to your angels, be open to messages, and take good care of your physical and emotional well-being.  The Earth and its inhabitants will be going through a lot of changes.  Stay lifted and do daily protection.  As the planet’s energy is accelerating, so our energy is accelerating.  We feel a need to finalize what we came here to do.

What you will experience in this lifetime depends on what chakra lifetime you are working on.  First you have your survival lifetimes (1st/root chakra), then your emotional/sexual incarnations (2nd/belly chakra), then you move on to your will/will power lives (3rd chakra/solar plexus), then your love for self and others incarnations (4th/heart chakra), next communication (5th/throat chakra), then your psychic perception of things, healing, creativity, past lives (6th brow/chakra), and finally your spiritual lifetimes (7th/crown chakra). You must master each chakra aspect before you move on to the next.

What will you experience in this lifetime?  If you are working on mastering 1st chakra lifetimes, you will experience an intensifying of your survival lessons.  In a 2nd chakra life, you will have great opportunities to learn your emotional/sexual lessons.  If you are working on your 3rd chakra life you will be drawing to you increased will/will power lessons, etc.

Most of you are working on 6th or 7th chakra lifetimes and will not be experiencing as much drama and trauma as, a 1st chakra lifetimer.  Sixth chakra lifetimers will have the opportunity to use your psychic, creativity and healing abilities, as well as adjust your perception of things.  Seventh chakra lifetimers will be using your spiritual path to continue to learn your lessons.

You are all at levels to help the planet raise its vibration during this time. You are at the frequencies you need to be at in order to help each other see new perspectives, heal old wounds and create balance in your lives.  However, you must first do that within yourselves.  You have come here during this time to help balance out all of the negative caterpillars and assist each other in moving into higher states of enlightenment.  We each have a role to play.

For me, my spiritual growth accelerated in 1999 when I received the Reiki attunements (initiation).  In the past, I had worked with meditation, herbal medicine and tarot and I’d always been a healing spirit, but the Reiki energy jump started me.  My chakras and energy pathways opened up, and I was able to purge current and past lifetimes of junk I had collected.  Before the attunements, I had daily migraines, seizures and head sensitivity, I now could “see” with open eyes and my health greatly improved.  Around this time I also began a Kundalini Yoga practice.  I learned to take care of my body and listen to its signals.  I began to be in the flow where your crown chakra connects to your higher-self, guides, angels and Source.  A year later, I began teaching Reiki.  I’ve attuned hundreds since.  Each time is different, unique, as my student and I fulfill the contract we had with each other.  My Reiki practice has taught me to be more accepting of others and situations.  It has taught me that sending energy to others uplifts my being as that LOVE vibration pours through.  Reiki has also given me the ability to see our ONENESS….we are all connected.

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