Atlantean Temple of Healing
By Geoffrey Keyte

(creator of the Atlantean and Crystal Reiki Systems)

The Atlantean Temple of Healing was a circular building. The only light which penetrated the Temple came through a vast dome on the roof. There were no gates, or walls to guard its gardens. Just inside the entrance was a large Timekeeper Crystal. This powerful crystal protected the Temple from any harmful vibrations and negativity. It would not allow any person to pass inside the Temple unless that person had a genuine—and pure—reason for doing so. The crystal knew everything; nothing could be hidden.

The central circular Temple of Healing was built over a Lake with a floor made of amethyst, warm to the touch and radiant with light and power. At the entrance to the central temple were the robbing rooms for the healers, the students and the novices. Between the robbing rooms were cubicle baths used for cleansing and purification of the clients’ bodies.

Healing, in the time of Atlantis, did not take place in a matter of a few minutes as is the case today; a client would be required to visit the Temple many times for the purification of their physical body. Their hair was cut to the nape of their neck during the healing period, followed by baths in plain spring water. Then they passed through baths of perfumed warm water, before being given the white linen robe.

In the first of the smaller chambers of healing, the client had to pass through the purification of the etheric body, and there, the healers, with their powers of clairvoyance and intuition would look for any dark places, or lack of light in the chakras and in the etheric body (layer of aura closest to physical body) as a whole.

In the next cubicle, clients would work on relaxing the mind. The client would talk to his teacher, telling her of the anxieties that troubled him and the weariness of the soul which oppressed him. Only the greater more experienced healers handled these clients and the process was given many hours. The negative side of the client’s personality could not enter the next temple. So it was important that hatred, jealousy, and envy be overcome. These qualities agitate the mind, and the body cannot be considered whole and cleansed. At this time, the client would drink citrus fruit juices and spring water to prepare for the next healing process. When ready, the client would move on to the next temple.

In this temple, there was a gallery where men and women students, who were taught wonderful music and singing, would sing rhythmic chants and spiritual songs whilst the healing sessions were taking place in the temple below. Twelve healers under one tutor worked upon twelve clients at any one time. When the client left the last healing room, he was given a six-pointed star in the color of the bed which he must occupy. This star was then strapped onto his forehead by the priest so that the moment he entered the great healing chamber, the healer who belonged to that particular healing table would know his client. As the client lied on his healing bed, the radiations of his aura would project, lighting up the whole of the room. If his aura was not projecting, then the client would have to return to more preparation on the mental plane. Each healer wore a robe of the color of his own ray. When the healing session was completed, the clients would rest for 30 minutes followed by a meal of honey in the comb and crushed corn and milk and sent back to their homes.


a healing course using the Atlantean and Lemurian frequencies while working with the Dragon Tribes


The Atlantean Reiki is an attunement (energy exchange) that opens the karmic doorway and prepared you for the deeper Crystal Reiki attunement which contains fifteen (15) “life cycle” symbols. So you take the Atlantean Reiki first. Each system comes with a detailed manual and channellings from Egypt and Atlantis. These systems will clear you out deeply as they are ancient and very karmic. You must be a Reiki Level II student before taking these advanced Reiki courses.

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