6 Levels of Usui Reiki Training Workshop

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NEXT CLASS:  MAY 19 – JULY 7, 2024

8 Recorded Lessons – 2 hours each + 3 Private Video Calls with Me, Maggie Wilcox, your Reiki Master Teacher since 1999.

This ONLINE REIKI TRAINING Program will assist you in clearing the layers of your Aura/Energy Field and connect you to your natural healer state.  You will immediately begin Healing your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies. This is a process of gentle discovery that occurs with each Level.  Reiki is always present, but we become unaware.  This attunement process opens you up to Receive it.  It activates parts of the brain that have been dormant.  You begin to remember who you are and recognize your healing gifts.

Reiki is guided by Source and our Guides.  The Master is simply an Open Conduit.   The Attunements open certain energy centers and pathways so that the Love of Reiki can be channeled easily.  This process will create a deeper Connection to Yourself, Your Guides, Source and Others.  We ARE ONE!

Receive Six (6) Reiki energy attunements (initiations), Five  (5) Manuals, and your Master Certificate.  You will receive 8 Recorded Training Videos, with Homework and 3 Private Coaching Video Calls!

Course Content Includes:

  • Journey Through the Chakras (an in-depth study)
  • Six (6) Reiki Energy Attunements (Initiations)
  • Five (5) Manuals
  • Three (3) Private Coaching Calls
  • Training Video Modules for Hands- On Sessions
  • Weekly (every Sunday) Recorded Zoom Classes
  • Meditations to Meet Guides, Remove Cords, Heal Karma, and a Final Journey Into Mastery!
  • Psychic Development
  • Learn to Channel Higher Beings of Light
  • Remote Viewing for Healing
  • Space Clearings
  • Removing Energetic Attachments
  • Marketing Your Purpose
  • Master Certification

Attunements are taken in long-distance via my guided meditation in the Recorded Sessions after Ive attuned you remotely.  I will also be working with your Spirit on the Causal Plane.  This program is designed with the Empathetic Healer in mind and is a very thorough training in Energy Medicine.  Prior to your attunement, you will have a week to clear with a diet and daily meditation sequence.  This program is 8 weeks, every SUNDAY with recorded content you can watch at your pace.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher of 25 years, including a Mayan Shaman, Hawai’ian Rainbow Healer with Lemurian DNA.  I am also a Dragon Priestess.  Read my BIO and REVIEWS.

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This virtual class has all the content of my live workshop course and my other combined courses like Chakra 101, Chakra Intuitive & Advanced Reiki Techniques.

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