Bridges to Meditation E-Book


Learn all about the breath and several exercises to bring into you daily spiritual practice. NOW 50% OFF!


Our journey into meditation is not always an easy one. Our minds wander and are entrained in our mundane thoughts and to-do lists. We call this the monkey mind. We have about 10,000 thoughts per day. Most of them useless information and repetitive programming. The brain is like a muscle with different wave lengths. It takes practice to work up to complete stillness. Before learning to enter calm states of meditation, we may need to clean our slate, clear old energy and make space for this new practice.

When we control our breath, we then can control our mind, and when we control our minds we control the world around us. When our mind is scattered, we manifest scattered impressions.  This Ebook has extensive Breathwork Exercises.

You will learn MEDITATION techniques to get you to the meditative state.  I call these “Bridges to Meditation.”  Explore many bridges to see what works for you.

Topics included are:

Ways to Meditate ~ How to Meditate ~ Breathwork ~ Aromatherapy ~ Beginning Meditations ~ Belief Systems ~ Emotional Blocks ~ Chants


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