We live in a time of accelerated change, and personal and planetary pain. The old is making way for the new.  It is a process of rebirth, but rebirth is never easy and it often is accompanied by death.  We are in a time of death, and in a time when new life is beginning.  A new birth is clearly happening, and a new awareness is slowly being born.  There is an increased awareness of the need for change, the need to clean up the Earth and act upon it.

We are returning to who we really are:  psychics, healers, and people that participate in consciousness.  More and more people are also rejecting mechanized medicine for the older inner ways.  Medicine’s over-technology, its lack of compassion, its treatment of the body as a dead machine, and its cruelty and aloofness turn people away in increasing numbers.  Its excessively high fees and control by big business, insurance and drug companies, take it out of reach of a growing majority of people.  Standard medicine has few answers for today’s dis-eases and ills.


The word Reiki means “Universal Life-Force Energy”.  It is the subtle energy we unconsciously feel when we sense that someone is “intense” or “laid back”.  Each person’s pattern of energy is as unique to them as their fingerprints, though humans have a general pattern that is different from the general patterns of other species.  These patterns are often described as personal vibrations.

A Reiki treatment is simply the practitioner, who has been directly linked to the Universal Life-Force Energy through an initiation or attunement, placing their hands on the recipient with the intent of bringing healing and willing for Reiki energy to flow. The practitioner giving the energy is a vessel allowing the energy to pass through them to the client. If you lay your hands on a person to do a treatment, they will draw appropriate amounts of energy to whichever areas of their body needs it.  You are never drained in the process, as you too are treated when you give a treatment.  A certain amount of energy is stored in you.  The energy enters at the top of the head (crown chakra) and passes through your arms and hands to their body.

Reiki when activated accelerates the healing by addressing the body, mind and spirit.  The body’s ability to heal physical ailments increases.  Reiki also opens the mind to the necessity for taking responsibility for one’s life; to the joys of balance and to wholeness.  The popular concept of the principles of healing is the removal of symptoms.  Healing can come to a complete resolution by determining the cause of the dis-ease.  Reiki brings the body into balance so it can heal itself.  The person who receives Reiki is simply made better physically, mentally and spiritually.  Reiki is one of the few forms of healing that can be used to heal oneself.  Reiki does not conflict with traditional medical treatment but facilitates benefits.  Reiki speeds the recovery process and provides a source of restoring energy while one is ill.

Reiki is always present, but we are unaware of it until the contact is made throughout the attunement process.  After this training, it can be received and converted into healing energy.  Once you have been attuned to Reiki, you are permanently linked without the need of conscious alteration of the mind.  Reiki initiations open certain inner centers of the body so that the energy can be channeled easily and safely.

By following the steps taught by a trained Reiki Master, anyone is able to direct the energy of Reiki to meet individual needs.  After the attunement, simply by placing your hands on yourself or someone else, the energy starts to flow throughout the individual.  It fills you first and then flows out through your hands into the individual who is receiving the healing. Even if you choose not to become a healer, having Reiki can open up your chakras (energy centers) and balance all areas of your life.

Reiki Today

Dr. Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk, began a 28-year search in Japan in 1822 during which he rediscovered how Buddha healed with Reiki.  His family started the Reiki Alliance.  Traditionally, in the Alliance method, it usually costs between $150-250 for the 1st Degree, between $250-750 for the 2nd Degree, and $10,000 for the Master’s Degree.  The Alliance has developed a method of Reiki training with set instructor guidelines, called the Usui System of Natural Healing.  I will be teaching Unlimited Reiki.  Reiki is evolving like the planet and its inhabitants and so are its teaching methods.  Everything is occurring at a rapid rate and the need for Reiki is strong.  Unlimited Reiki is taught with the same methods as the Alliance uses but without the high cost and the waiting in between attunements.

I am an 8th generation Reiki Master in direct decent from Dr. Usui.  Hawayo Takata brought Reiki into the United States and is responsible for its widespread use.  Phyllis Furomoto, Mrs. Takata’s granddaughter, is the current Reiki Grand Master.  (Note:  When my Reiki Master/Teacher was asked to teach Reiki in Japan, she learned that to the Japanese “Reiki” means any form of hands-on healing, and that the Alliance’s Usui System is called Hayashi, after the man that developed this style of Reiki Training).  There is no “right way” or “wrong way” of teaching and practicing Reiki.  I firmly believe that Reiki energy can be brought through and utilized just as powerfully and effectively by Independent Reiki Masters and practitioners.

As Dr. Usui was told, “These are the keys to healing; learn them, do not forget them, and do not allow them to be lost.”  I believe that the more people who become attuned to Reiki, the more we can heal ourselves, each other, and the planet, and the less likely it will be that these keys to healing will be lost.

I sent out a message into the Universe that all beings whose bodies, minds and spirits could benefit from this Reiki class would know about it.  If you are resonating with this information, that probably means you!  It’s time to come home and remember who you really are!  This might be the best gift you could give yourself.  Yes, this class does include all three levels of Reiki and you will receive a Reiki Master certificate at the completion of the weekend.

In Rev. Margaret Wilcox's Reiki Courses, you will learn to heal your physical self, your negative emotional imprints, your belief systems will change, and you will find the true path of your spirit and begin to live in harmony.  It is essential now that we all receive the higher vibrations of the universe to save the planet!

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