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Let the Reiki flow through you like a waterfall coming from our Divine Source. Reiki brings your body’s vibration back to harmony. Even Einstein knew that everything is made up of energy. Your physical aches, diseases, emotional trauma, anxiety, mental beliefs, thoughtforms, karma and spiritual nature are all carried in your energy field. Our bodies/spirits work from the outside in. Your spiritual layers reflect your mental layers, your mental layers reflect your emotions, and your emotions reflect your physical ailments. Whatever is manifesting on a physical level is the end result.

By listening to your body’s signals and removing energetic blocks from the core, you can regain your body’s/spirit’s true alignment. Reiki works on solving the root of these problems by cleaning out the original source or imprint (scratch in your aura) where the energy lies. The recipient must be open to receiving the energy and letting go of what is holding them back from being themselves in perfection. Reiki accelerates the natural healing process and should not be used in place of a doctor’s care but rather in conjunction with it. Disclaimer.

Online Attunements
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Chakra Introduction
Learn the basics of our energy centers and energy medicine.

Chakra Affirmations
Positive statements to bring good energy to your mental and spiritual energy layers.

Chi Balls
Learn how to receive and pass on online initiations and attunements.

Reiki FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Reiki treatments and attunements.

Karuna Reiki®
A higher vibration of Reiki used by all of our therapists which is awesome!

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