What is ARCH?

I am thrilled to offer you the opportunity to get in on a ground floor of the ancient healing method that was rediscovered by my teacher, Laurie Grant, that will revolutionize how people think of and do hands-on healing! It heals on the subconscious and conscious levels, and on the physical, etheric, mental and emotional levels!

Kahuna ARCH Healing is an amazing form of vibrational medicine that has the capacity to heal instantaneously! Through hands-on or distant healing ARCH sends all of the frequencies of life-force energy into oneself or someone else. Because ARCH contains all frequencies it can work on any disease.

When Laurie was in Hawaii at the Kahuna Stones of Life, she had a spontaneous healing on all levels, saw a vision and was reinitiated into ARCH by the Kahuna priests and priestesses in Spirit.  She initially thought she was losing her mind, but what a way to go!  Then she found 80% of what she was bringing through was validated in ancient Hawaiian literature.  We believe that ARCH was the precursor to ancient Hawaiian teachings of Moloka'i (see The Moloka'i Connection).

Reiki has been called the Emerald Ray because it operates out of the heart chakra (it's traditional color is green). ARCH is the full spectrum and encompasses all of the rays.  It has the ability to heal instantaneously and resonates at such a high frequency that it can make people go into altered states.

Laurie channeled that what she is reconnecting with is a powerful energy that the Kahuna in spirit suggested she call ARCH, the acronym for Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing.  There are five levels of initiation in ARCH which are progressively higher vibrations of the rainbow life-force energy.  They are physical, emotional (subconscious), mental (conscious), astral/causal (divine conscious) and one to the Divine Source (spirit).

Later, when Laurie finally did find some books on Hawaiian healing, she found some exciting parallels between Hawaiian healing and ARCH. For example, all these books refer to there being three levels of increasingly higher life-force energy called mana (which heals the subconscious) mana mana (which heals the conscious), and mana loa (which heals the divine conscious).  While the foundation for ARCH is found in the basics of Hawaiian mysticism and healing, it goes beyond these teachings. ARCH is the bridge back to Oneness with the Divine Source. Traditional Hawaiian teachers, such as Laura Kealoha Yardley are giving us their blessing and acknowledging that Huna (Ho'omana) is evolving.

Laurie Grant's Hawaiian Kumu (teacher) is a direct descendant of one of the Kahuna who deposited all of their mana (spiritual power) in the Kahuna Healing Stones.  Kumu has honored her with a kihei (a shawl that means one has passed the initiation and is acknowledged as a teacher). He also presented her with a lei niho palaoa that he carved (it means voice of authority)!  Kumu has also welcomed her into his family.

We would not have ARCH today if the native Hawaiians had not kept the Mana alive. ARCH is a very, very powerful energy and needs to be treated with great respect!  Many Hawaiian myths have pieces of the ARCH legend in them.  Some even prophesied that the ancient wisdom would be shared when the time is right.  But most of them don't talk about exactly what the ancient wisdom is!  We believe the ancient wisdom is realizing that you are not separate from the Divine Source.  Recognizing the Oneness in everyone and everything (including yourself) is the key to conscious healing.  Again, while the foundation for ARCH is found in the basics of Hawaiian mysticism and healing, it goes beyond these teachings.  ARCH is the bridge back to Oneness with the Divine Source.

I, Margaret Wilcox, an ARCH Master, am offering Long-distance and Hands-On ARCH Master Treatments (Palm Springs and Los Angeles areas).   If you would like to experience this energy for yourself, select Sessions in the Webstore, then find a time of day where you can rest quietly, and watch your body in the next 36 hours.  The ARCH results will finalize at the end of the 36-hour period.