The Legend of ARCH
(This legend was given to Laurie Grant in a vision with details filled in by spirit.)

When early beings inhabited this planet they knew that they were not separate from the Divine Source. They originally went to the area that is now Egypt, and some went directly to the Polynesian Islands forming Lemuria. The ancient ones in Egypt ran all the frequencies of divine life force energy and appeared to have rainbow bodies. All of their chakra centers were wide open. They had pure connection with the Divine Source, communicated telepathically, clearly expressed their truth, they came from the heart, manifested on the physical plane with ease, and lived in ultimate bliss and joy. Because of their lack of separation from the Source, they were limitless. These Rainbow People used their unlimited energy to create amazing feats (they may have been responsible for building the great pyramids and temples in Egypt).

As these ancient Rainbow People took on more of a body personality, they became more and more dense. They began to forget their divinity and their oneness with the Divine Source. This resulted in their becoming more unbalanced and running less energy in some chakras and more energy and in others. As this happened, the Rainbow People’s energy became more limited. They began to split into three separate parts of themselves. The unconscious (because they couldn’t accept what they had done to their divinity so they buried their feelings), their conscious or intellect (because they began to rationalize the separation of parts of themselves from their Divine Source), and the Divine conscious (which they had limited access to).

Some ran more survival energy, less heart energy, and became greedy. Others were more psychic and willful and used their psychic ability to gain power and control. Still others expressed angry emotions and lost their connection with the Divine Source altogether.

The priests and priestesses became very concerned and knew that it was time for some of them to leave if they had any hope of keeping any of their Divine energy intact. They intuitively knew that Tahiti and the other islands of the Pacific were directly opposite on the other side of the world. This seemed like a good location to them.

Because the Rainbow People still retained a reasonable amount of their limitless abilities, the natives in Polynesia began to call them “Rainbow Woman and Rainbow Man who see all”. The natives represented them in petroglyphs.

After getting partially established in the Polynesian Islands, and reconnecting with the Rainbow People who went directly to Lemuria, the Rainbow priests and priestesses called a gathering of all the Rainbow People. About 50 of them came, mostly women but a few “beautiful men”. They vowed to go throughout lifetimes to different cultures and races and to remember the ancient wisdom of knowing the oneness with the Divine Source and each other and to come back when the time is right to teach this ancient truth to those who have forgotten. As they made this commitment they walked across a bridge which represented the rainbow and transformation.

Now is the time when the world is not only ready but also needs to be reminded that none of us are separated from the Divine Source and that divinity is in everything. ARCH, Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, is living the truth of oneness by integrating again the three parts of ourselves into Divine oneness.

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