The Purpose of Life

I have believed for many years that we are all aspects of the Divine Source. Our purpose is to go throughout lifetime after lifetime evolving until we are enlightened enough to join completely with the Divine Source again.

The analogy I use is that all of the water on this planet is essentially the same water, but we look up into the sky and see the different cloud forms. There are cumulus, stratus, thunder, and cirrus clouds, but all of them are just made up of water particles. The clouds float over to the mountains and put a piece of themselves out in the form of rain and snow. It is the water particle’s job to go through the streams, lakes, waterfalls, and rivers until it is emptied out into the ocean where it is evaporated back up into the clouds again. This recycling process is the way that all of the water on this planet attempts to keep itself clean, clear, pure, and non-stagnant.

In the same way, the Divine Source has many different forms which are the God heads; Buddha, Allah, the Great Spirit, the Supreme Being, etc., but each of them is just made up of Divine Source energy. The Divine Source puts a piece of itself out that becomes each of our Beings. Our job is to go throughout our life times, becoming cleaner, becoming purer, until we are ready to be to be absorbed back into the Divine Source again. This is the way the Divine Source continually evolves and keeps itself from becoming stagnant.

The more that we can remember that we are a piece of the Divine Source, the more quickly we can evolve. Now is the time to take more conscious action and responsibility in being one with the Divine Source.

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