The Moloka’i Connection

After profound meditative experiences as well as extensive research, it is clear that the Hawaiian ARCH information channeled by Laurie Grant comes mostly from pre Ali’i (pre royalty) times in Moloka’i Hawaii.

Laurie taught three ARCH workshops before she was given the book Tales of the Night Rainbow by Pali Jae Lee and Koko Willis and was thrilled to discover that 80% of what she was teaching is in the book! Tales of the Night Rainbow is a book originally written for the grandchildren and descendants of Kaili’ohe Kame’ekua (1816-1931) who was raised in Moloka’i and initiated as a “light carrier”. I highly suggest you read this book about the true history of Hawai’i.

Some common Hawai’ian beliefs are:

1. All are part of the Creator.

2. All are one.

3. All life is founded on love.

4. Everything has mana in it.

5. When the mana is strong and people accept themselves as the powerful beings that they are – all things are possible.

Both Pali Jae Lee and Moloka’i Kupuna elder John Ka’imikaua, in his video A Mau A Mau to continue forever, the cultural and Spiritual Traditions of Moloka’i Life Giving Knowledge of Peace, speak of the peaceful nature of the people of Moloka’i at the time. The people of Moloka’i in the pre Ali’i times had no knowledge of any kind of war weapons. They did not use death prayers have human sacrifices, or have a belief in warring gods.

Lee says when warriors came to invade Moloka’i, around 1250 AD, they found the people standing there waiting for them. The light carriers of Moloka’i began to chant. The warriors spears would fall back into the ocean, the men trying to get to the shore would tumble back into the surf, choking and unable to breathe. The warriors left calling Moloka’i “puleo o”, powerful prayers.

Eventually the warriors came back with an army of thousands and took over the island. The people who were on the islands before that time called themselves the Mu. It is widely believed that the name Mu came from the Le”mu”rians.