Karuna Reiki® Workshop – Live Class



Karuna in Sanskrit is compassionate action. Karuna Reiki® assists us in opening our hearts profoundly, enabling you to operate from a place of compassionate love and not object-focused love. Karuna Reiki® opens us up to the Goddess energies needed in these times. The feminine principles of compassion and nurturing vs. hate and war. You will gain better access to the higher vibrations of spiritual helpers around you. Heal karmic wounds while you obtain a greater awareness of the healing needed for the collective consciousness. You will learn new tools for your healer’s toolbox. These tools are new symbols that are amazingly strong. Some of these symbols have been around for centuries. One Karuna Reiki® Master symbol is Om, for example. These symbols can be used alongside the Usui symbols. They can be mixed and matched and interwoven, bringing in whatever is appropriate in each area and situation. They will add a greater depth, focus and potential to your healing work, opening up more possibilities for transformation, particularly where you come across resistance, blocks and reluctance to face painful and deep-seated issues.

Read the Karuna Reiki® Syllabus HERE.


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