Twin Flame Clearing Meditation Mp3



TWIN FLAME CARD READING WITH PURCHASE. Are you having trouble with your Twin Flame or wish you could find yours? My Twin Flame Clearing Meditation can help remove blocks to you and your Twin Flame and call on their being to be present. Unconscious fears and blocks can prevent you from connecting to your Twin Flame. We also fear being hurt by the one we love the most. The connection can feel too intense. Our Twin Flames are our mirror. They show us, sometimes uncomfortably, what our issues are. They often have the same issues but are unaware of them. When we connect to our inner light and our Twin shows up, old patterns and negativity surface in an effort to clear them so your connection is pure. This may feel uncomfortable and cause us to run away. But the more you clear, the better you both feel.

This meditation gives you deeper clearing tools to attract your Twin Flame. I found through my own trial and error that we can create our own blocks to our Twin Flame. Often times these block are karmic past life issues, but most often a feeling of fear of receiving of being unworthy or belief systems that stem from childhood. The great thing is that when you do your own clearing, your twin will resonate with you because you come from the same spirit mold. Twins are really being called now to connect. It is your purpose on earth in order to bring more love to the planet. Now is the time to evolve! Take a look at my new Twin Flame Clearing Meditation and Consultation. This is a guided journey by Mp3 audio.

This meditation is led by Margaret Wilcox, an Intuitive Healer and workshop leader.


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