Natural Prenatal Care & Childbirth EBook


An eye-opening look at prenatal care and childbirth. Learn to do what our bodies were designed to do. Treat pregnancy as a rite of passage and not an illness. Read more. NOW 50% off!


Table of Contents:

Natural Prenatal Care * Pregnancy and Childbirth  A Rite of Passage * Eating During Pregnancy * Vitamins During Pregnancy * Herbs During Pregnancy * Healing During Pregnancy * Prenatal Yoga * Natural Childbirth * Natural Childbirth Doesnt Have to Be Painful * The Uterus * Birth Practices Around the World * Labor Support * Fathers Role *
Labor * Signs of Labor * Stages of Labor * Exhale Pushing * Aromatherapy * Herbs/Remedies for Labor & Childbirth * Book Recommendations (50+ pages)


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