Animal Reiki & Psychic Communication Online Class



Animals heal physically, emotionally and mentally at a quicker rate with an energy tuneup from a Reiki Practitioner.  Pets may also receive a Healing Level I attunement for deeper healing or to cross over peacefully.  Reiki is great for rescued pets who are shy and emotionally wounded because you can send long-distance.

Psychic Animal Communication takes the Reiki energy even deeper.  When we watch and listen to animals they are able to help us live to our full potential. As humans we gain so much from our close relationships to other species. They have profound effects on us which range from the simple way they can calm and relax us emotionally and physically to the deeper ways they touch us on a spiritual level. Do you want to know how to communicate telepathically with animals?

Comprehensive Ebook included with Recorded Class.

IN-PERSON class also available in the Greater Palm Springs Area.

SESSIONS AVAILABLE: Bring your pet’s energy back to its original vibration so physical and emotional healing can occur. Animals greatly benefit from Reiki. Read the Reiki Page for more information. Serving the Greater Palm Springs Area or Long-Distance.  Click Private Session in Menu ($111).


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