Long-Distance Space Clearing



Have you had recent bad luck? Do you sense something while you sleep or are you constantly ill? You may need a Space Clearing session. Receive a Space Clearing Session which includes a check of your energy for attachments and their removal. High emotional energy, clutter, energy cords from others (this life time or past life times) wayward spirits (ghosts), intentional psychic attack and even evil entities can all drain your energy. Your home is supposed to be your safe haven and place of healing. Now is the time to make it so. It is highly recommended that you receive a house clearing every quarter or after an emotionally charged circumstance. It is also important to note that energy healers, nurses, massage therapists, and others in the lightworker fields are most subject to energy attachments. They are drawn to your light. If this resonates with you (do you have chicken skin?), then this option is for you. I use a combination of Reiki, Shamanism, ARCH and my own intuitive skills and rituals to do the clearings. NOTE: Recommended that you also receive the Archangel Michael Protection Attunement (see Online Attunements).


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