Chakra Intuitive Live Class – Oct. 17, 2021 – Palm Springs



Learn about the different layers of our Energy Field and its organs the Chakras, and how we are affected by our moods, thought patterns and from outside influences. We will explore many Shamanic and Reiki techniques for cleansing and balancing your own energy system to maintain optimum health. Deep healing may occur. You may gain a greater awareness of where your imbalances lie.

Are you a touchy-feely type person or do you prefer boundaries? Learn how interacting with the world determines your intuitive gifts. We will also develop our intuition by viewing auras, sensing energy and using your dominant “clair” to read yourself and others. What is your Intuitive Type? Are you a Shaman, a Channeller, a Medium or an Empath? Psychic quizzes, experiments and tests will be introduced to gain greater awareness. Course includes my Journey Into the Chakras 30 page e-book.

Taught by Margaret Wilcox, a Reverend, Reiki Master of many lineages, Hawi’ian Kahuna ARCH Master, Mayan Shaman and Yoga Teacher.  In 2003, she was cast on the Reality-TV show, Health Cops: New Orleans, where she transformed someone’s life in 12 weeks.  A California native, she has developed her intuitive and healing talents all over the country and is now bringing this knowledge back home to the Desert.  Read her full Bio HERE.

Time: 12:00pm-4:00pm
Location: Private residence in Palm Springs (address upon reservation)
Investment: $222 Lite lunch included.


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