Dragon Light Body Activations – 4 Online Sessions



Private Energy Sessions to BUILD YOUR DRAGON LIGHT BODY.  These are FOUR (4) Channeled and Guided Transmissions to bring you back to your own Divine Power and Essence!

Energy Sessions and Channeled Transmissions will include:

  • Connecting You to Your Dragon Light Body, Dragon Lineage & Dragon Tribe
  • Channeling powerful Light Beings including Dragons, Fairies, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divine Creator, Holy Mother and Holy Father
  • Dragon Light Language Sound Transmissions
  • Guided Meditations and Imagery each Session
  • Learn the Dragon’s Breath
  • Grow Wings & Practice Flying in the 5th Dimension to Your Planet
  • Learn to Use Your Grounding Tail & Love Your Legs
  • Create a Manifestation Temple
  • Open Psychic Centers and 7 Crown Chakras
  • Dragon Oracle Card Reading

Upon your purchase, I will contact you to schedule our first LIVE appointment!

Led by Rev. Margaret Wilcox, Karuna Reiki® Master, ARCH® Hawai’ian Kahuna Master, Dragon Resonance® Healing Practitioner, Mayan Shaman, Crystal Healer, TriYoga® Teacher and Meditation Therapist.  Session Rate = 4 – 30 (approximately) minute sessions


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