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When we detoxify the body, we rid our body of unwanted environmental toxins that permeate our world. We can take better care of ourselves and the Earth by using eco-friendly products and strategies. The fact is the USA has more chemicals in our products than any other nation. We are very behind the times, compared to other nations in eliminating the use of chemicals. Your hair, skin and nails are a window to your health. Toxins will resurface somehow as your body’s alarm system. Many toxins in plastics mimic estrogens that can’t be absorbed in the body resulting in cancers.

While detoxifying the body, your emotions, mind and spirit also get a detoxification. Emotional issues over food may come up that have surfaced for many lifetimes. Through meditation you can detox the spirit/mind connection. Learn manifesting techniques and positive thinking to detox your mind/emotions. In my e-book Air & Detox, you’ll learn many techniques to detox the whole you, including a detoxification diet and maintenance plan, yoga exercises, meditations and more.

Women who are trying to get pregnant and planning on breastfeeding need to pay special attention to the Pre-conception Detox Diet article (below). The womb is a sensitive environment and must be prepared for its hard work of pregnancy. Toxins store in our fats and breastmilk is full of fat. It has been found that American women have more toxins in their breastmilk than any other nation.

Sometimes going green appears to cost more, but the more of us that do, the more mainstream it becomes. I’ve noticed that costs are coming down in natural products and foods. You can’t bitch about the world without doing something about it. Be an active part of your community. Think of the Earth future generations are going to inherit. See Caring for Mother Earth for more ways you can go green.

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Detox Web Links
Weston A. Price Foundation – Learn healthy alternatives to diet for children, men and women. http://www.westonaprice.org

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Purchase Air & Detox E-book.

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