Welcome to the Land of Fey!

Dedicated to all Nature Spirits and those that love them.

The Earth is teeming with Nature Spirits also known as Fairies. They live in a parralel universe to ours, close to Mother Earth. Many cultures honor the “little people” (e.g., Chinese, Native American, European). Our ancestors knew that everything was made up of energy and that the Earth was a part of us. Look for Fairies in the wild or create dwellings for them around your yard. Watch for signs that they are inhabiting spaces like clover, mushrooms, dragonflies, butterflies and animals, especialy dolphins and frogs. They bring good energy to the Earth. They only need you to believe in them. Our believing will help make their huge job of healing Mother Earth easier. They will teach you to pay attention to our planet and bring more playful things into your life. Invite them to heal your blocks to abundance, physical healing, emotional healing and fertility. They like it when we take care of the animals and plants as they are the guardians of these. Offer the Fairies milk and honey and honor them this Midsummer’s Night (Summer Solstice-June 21).

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