Lightworkers Unity Energy Attunement


Receive this attunement as an extra energy resource for healing and regeneration as we come together through Unity. Participants will be part of a healing circle.


This is an online attunement event for lightworkers. These Unity Energies bring in the vibration of Peace and Harmony. Your own Love flows together with the Light of our Source, thus increasing your own vibrational frequency. This will also allow you to attain an amount of Power and Knowledge from your Source. By offering our hearts to our Creator Source, we allow him/her to let the Heavenly Light flow through our hearts and our hands to give Source’s light to ourself and to the world. The Light does not stop flowing when we treat ourselves and others. It continues to flow in the earth, around the earth and into the universe. This way we enable the Light to not only come to Earth but to help far beyond. Together in Unity, we work to heal the planet and its afflictions.

After the attunement is sent, you simply call down the energy (chi) ball whenever you want. Manual will be e-mailed to you. Everyone can benefit. Prerequisite: Reiki I recommended.


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