Gift Certificate Session


Private Yoga, Meditation, Energy Session/Assessment, Card Reading, House Clearing, Ritual, Childbirth or Spiritual Consultation Session in the greater Palm Springs area. 1 hour session


Sessions may include, depending on your needs: (Female and male clients accepted for therapeutic non-sexual sessions). ~ Tibetan, Karuna (TM), Mayan, Atlantean & Crystal Energy Assessment ~ Sound Healing ~ Crystal Healing ~ Kahuna ARCH (TM) Treatment ~ Quantum Touch ~ Yoga (TriYoga TM), Kundalini, Kids, Mom/Baby, Prenatal) ~ Guided Meditations and Imagery (see Meditation article for list offered) ~ Spiritual Counseling ~ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) ~ Healing Rituals ~ House Clearing ~ Natural Childbirth & Natural Mom Counseling ~ Breathwork ~ Tarot/Oracle Card Reading


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