Dragons of Lemuria – An Energetic Healing Course




  • Learn Healing Techniques from Hawai’i
  • Meet Your Sea Dragon Guide
  • Dive Deep with the Dragon Tribes
  • Activation of your Lemurian Lifetimes
  • Receive Rainbow Initiations and Oneness Blessings
  • Attunement to Atlantean & Crystal Reiki
  • Learn Advanced Crystal Technology & How to Astral Travel to Egypt via Portals
  • Dragon Journeys to Help Heal the Waters
  • Learn Dragon Light Language
  • Certificate and Manual Included
  • 2 Class Videos – 2 hours each
  • Private Facebook Group for Interaction and Extra Content
  • 1 Private Video Call with Me

This Healing course is a journey with the Rainbow Dragons through our watery lifetimes while learning the Lemurian & Atlantean Healing Arts through their Crystals and Technologies.


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