Chakra Intuitive Workshop (Recorded)



This Recorded workshop is a deep dive into how to use your Intuitive gifts, when to protect vs. feel/sense, and many exercises.  Class includes my ebook and homework.  Upon your purchase all manuals and links will be provided.

The CHAKRAS are the organs of the Human Energy Field (AURA).  Learn the different layers of our energy field and how the Chakras affect our moods and influence our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  This is an in-depth study on how we can use the CHAKRAS to tap into YOUR INTUITION.

Learn many techniques and test your psychic skills.  We will explore Shamanism, Seated Yoga and Mudras for cleansing and balancing your own Chakras to maintain optimum health.  We will practice viewing auras, sensing Chakras and using intuition.  Find out what type of intuitive you are:  Shaman, Healing Channel, Medium or Empath.  Psychic quizzes, experiments and tests will be introduced.  Includes the comprehensive Journey Through the Chakras Ebook.

Taught by Margaret Wilcox.



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