Love Your Belly Fat

It is my perception that sensitive, earth angels carry fat around them as protection from emotional things. Read the Nature Spirits article for more information. Below is an excerpt from Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angels book.

“Incarnated Angels tend to – have sweet, heart shaped faces; have overeating and weight issues; be a fixed astrological sign (Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius, Scorpio & Aquarius); be professional helpers (teachers, healers, customer service); lighten or highlight their hair; have difficulty saying no; love angel objects; have extra guardian angels; seem to glow; fall in love with someone’s potential and tend to coax their greatness; have co-dependent relationships with addicts; have voluptuous bodies; have mellow personalities; stay in relationships much longer than they should; and obey rules.”

Often healing weight conditions stems from past lifetimes. If there is an ancestral “starvation pattern” in place, you will always have a hunger that cannot be satisfied. If you have a “spiritual attack” pattern in place, you will not be able to release fat because your cells are holding onto it to prevent further attack. Maybe your ancestors starved or your family was always in need. All of this is carried in your energy field. Bringing awareness to these areas can break the patterns. I also recommend Energy Work and Kundalini Yoga to heal and release.

Exercise to Love Your Belly Fat

Lightly pinch your belly fat several times a day – not hard enough to hurt but hard enough to FEEL it. Think playful thoughts as you are doing this, not self-hatred thoughts. As if you are playing with a child.

This does three things.

1. It increases circulation to the area.

2. It moves lymph around

3. It brings your awareness to your belly in a playful manner

Imagine you are playing with your “baby fat” and it will soon be grown up and slimmer. There is something very healing in self touching in a loving manner. Our spirit within loves our body, it is the most important body in the world to your spirit. Just think how many bodies your spirit has lived in…hmmm, wonder if the ego hated parts of those bodies too.

This is your chance to break the cycle of ‘self-abuse’- love your body and tell it so. It will respond to you beautifully. Once you get your bodies attention with loving thoughts and touch, it will be open to looking more like what you have in mind. You will be surprised at what information you attract to help you in your goal.