Detoxify and Chelate with Zeolite
The Truth About Our Toxic World

Man’s quest for bigger, better, faster, younger and more convenient comes at a significant price. The automobiles that shuttle us, the products we clean with, the appliances that keep us cool and the recreational vehicles that helps us relax pollute the environment. And let’s not forget the toxins found in the air you breathe, the chemicals and fluoride found in the water you drink or the pesticides detected in many of the fruits, vegetables and meats you serve your family.

It’s not enough that you’re subjected to toxins nearly everywhere you turn–the real issue is the prolonged exposure you face–exposure that starts even before you’re born. In fact, according to a study commissioned by the Environmental Working Group on the umbilical cord blood of newborns, an average of 200 different industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides was found including mercury, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, furans, pesticides, and chemicals from flame retardants, PCBs, industrial lubricants, plastics, Teflon, Scotchgard, industrial bleaches, electrical insulators, coal-fired power plants, vehicle emissions, and wood preservatives. In fact, of the 287 chemicals detected, 180 are known to cause health complication in humans or animals, 217 are known to be toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 are known to cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.

Once you’ve entered the world and taken you’re first breath (one of 5,000 gallons of air you’ll breathe each day), you can be reasonably sure it includes some unhealthy trace particles or air pollution. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. facilities released 4.7 billion pounds of toxins into the atmosphere in 2002. Further, the EPA estimates fine-particle pollution causes an estimated 20,000 premature deaths in the U.S. each year.

Consider these air pollution facts:

  • Women who live in areas with greater air pollution have a higher susceptibility of developing and dying from coronary heart disease (CHD)
  • Coal-fired plants emissions are the single largest source of mercury air pollution, accounting for roughly 40 percent of all mercury emissions nationwide and are believed responsible for 20,000 premature deaths a year.
  • In 2003, the Centers for Disease Control found that roughly 10 percent of American women carry mercury concentrations at levels considered to put a fetus at risk for neurological damage.
  • Approximately 160 million Americans are breathing unhealthy air.
The water you drink, clean with and wash with doesn’t fare much better. According to one study conducted by the University of Michigan, one ton of oil is spilled for every million tons transported. This same water is pumped back into our water supply, which experts like the Environmental Working Group believe have contaminated the tap water in 42 states with more than 140 unregulated chemicals. Contaminated water isn’t the only problem. Outbreaks of waterborne disease are on the increase. In fact, an estimated 7 million people become sick and more than 1,000 die in the U.S. each year from waterborne microbes.

Consider these water pollution facts:

  • Fifty million gallons of water, fine particles of dust, soot, arsenic, mercury, lead and other pollutants from and ash settling basin was dumped into the Delaware River last August.
  • Chlorinated chemicals in drinking water linked to increased risk of breast cancer.
  • Sewage treatment plant workers at much higher risk of respiratory illness, skin rashes, headaches & body aches.

And, as if concerns regarding drinking and breathing weren’t enough, you also have to be careful with the produce, meats and fish you eat. Herbicides and pesticidesused to keep bugs off crops, inhibit weed growth, and protect your lawn are taking their toll on your health. For starters, environmental chemicals have a wide range of effects on immune system function, ranging from a decrease in your body’s ability to fight infections and tumors to increased allergies and autoimmunity. Although neurotoxic in natures, these compounds can also cause dermatological, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, respiratory, musculoskeletal, and cardiological problems. Hormones like zeranol, which has been used to fatten up cattle more quickly has been shown to exacerbate breast health concerns.

Considered these related facts:

  • Mercury in rivers is so pervasive that 47 states now have posted advisories either statewide or for specific waters instructing people to limit their intake of freshwater fish.
  • Exposure to high levels of mercury can harm the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs and immune systems of humans.
  • In a study performed by the Soil Association, 84 percent of fruits and vegetables given to school children contained one pesticide, 65 percent of the samples contained two or more pesticides.
But the toxins you’ll probably find most surprising are those found in your homea place where most of us think we’re safe. For starters, many of the products that improve the look and scent of your homes like household-cleaning products have been linked to ADHD and other learning and behavioral disorders. Even the new carpet in your home might be making you sick because of the glue used to put it down. The substance contains the harmful ingredient benzene and the neurotoxin xylene — one of the unhealthiest chemical combinations you can be exposed to. Faulty appliances can emit ozone, which affects lung health; and carbon monoxide, which is lethal at high concentrations. And mold, bacteria and other biological contaminants can cause or exacerbate asthma, allergies and infections.

Volcanic Mineral Defends the Health of Your Cells

One hundred million years ago, volcanoes rose from the sea, dividing continents, creating mountains and forming much of the land as we know it. As these volcanoes erupted, molten lava and thick ash poured into the sea. The combination of thick ash and the salt from the sea caused a chemical reaction, and over thousands of years, precious minerals like zeolites began to form in the hardened lava.

For centuries, the powdered forms of specific zeolites have been used as traditional remedies throughout Asia to promote overall health and well being. The story of the “volcanic rocks” has been passed down from generation-to-generation as more and more people have experienced its life-changing benefits.

What is Zeolite and How Does it Work?

Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with an unique, complex crystalline structure. It’s honeycomb framework of cavities and channels (like cages) works at the cellular level trapping, heavy metals and toxins. In fact, because it is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, zeolites act as magnets drawing toxins to it, capturing them in its cage and removing them from the body.

Key Benefits

1. Supports a healthy immune system.
2. Helps remove heavy metals, toxins and other substances from the body.
3. Helps balance pH levels in the body.
4. 100 percent natural and non-toxic.
5. Safe for long-term use

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