Autumn — Lungs & Large Intestine

The Autumn Equinox kicks off the beginning of the season when the Sun moves into Libra. On this day, there is equal daylight and darkness. The days begin to get shorter; the nights also become cooler. The leaves on the trees change color, and we’re reminded of harvest time. Autumn is an excellent time to let go of old patterns.

In this season we will nourish and detoxify the lungs and large intestine. Your lungs are your first line of defense against unhealthy air; they hold the key to respiration. When you’re relaxed, you breathe approximately fifteen times per minute. It’s always best to protect them from cold and damp weather by keeping your chest, neck, head and feet warm.

Every function of your body relies for existence on the oxygen intake of the lungs. Your lungs need to be able to eliminate carbon dioxide. It’s essential for your lungs to have good quality air that is clean, moist, warm and rich in oxygen. When your lungs aren’t functioning properly, your body accumulates heat, propelling other health issues into motion, resulting in poor circulation, night sweats, excessive perspiration, and fatigue.

Your respiratory tract, if damaged, can greatly affect the quality of your skin. Avoid pollutants, especially cigarettes. During this time of year, it’s important to keep your lungs lubricated and warm.

Equally important to your health this time of year is the large intestine. It is divided into three parts: The caecum, where your appendix is attached; colons—ascending, transverse, descending and sigmoid; and the rectum. When the large intestine is constipated your skin gets rashes, acne and eczema. We carry 7-10 pounds of encrusted fecal matter. Backed up waste creates a toxic state that shows up as bloating, gas, headaches and arthritic symptoms. Diets rich in sugar, flour, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, and the Pill can aggravate your gut.

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