Children’s Stress Awareness Curriculum
Created by Lori Lite

About the Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to be incorporated into any of your existing classes as an “Awareness Enrichment Program”.  It integrates stories, songs, movement, artwork and visual aids to make it easy for any teacher to implement. It is written with elementary age children in mind but can be adjusted to accommodate any age group. Each class is designed to be used in conjunction with and includes the Indigo Dreams CD (stories told: A Boy and a Turtle, A Boy and a Bear, Affirmation Weaver and The Goodnight Caterpillar), the Indigo Ocean Dreams CD (stories told: Angry Octopus, Affirmation Weaver, Sea Otter Cove, and Bubble Riding), and the Indigo Dreams: Rainforest Relaxation CD (Includes 3 full hours, 8 stories, 90 minutes of music). This program can be used alone or as the core curriculum in which you add and build your own philosophies around. The lessons or sessions are designed to be “unlimited”. There are 4 distinct lessons that begin the moment the children walk in the door to the moment they leave. Lessons can be used in its entirety or broken down into mini-lessons or centers. Variations and suggestions for each lesson are included.

Each lesson should be taught over and over again. Children enjoy the comfort of knowing what to expect as they become familiar with the class format. Repetition and practice insure that affirmations, visualizations and breathing are integrated into our children’s lives.

This curriculum is non-denominational and can be used with any group of children.

Class Format

Each class is structured in the following format:

  1. Movement: Each class will open with a movement activity. Movement activity and song are provided. The opening activity gets the kids interested and lets them see that there is a plan and they will have fun. Teachers will be active participants and pave the way for children to feel relaxed and comfortable in doing the activities. Movement, singing and laughing help children release energy before they shift into sitting and listening to a story.
  2. Explanation: Children will be given an age appropriate explanation of the technique they will be experiencing in the story. Basic explanations are provided in lesson plan.
  3. Story time/Lesson: Indigo Dreams CD and the accompanying books make lesson time easy. The lessons and techniques are woven into each story. The children follow along as they learn life long skills and become active participants in creating their own healthy, heart driven, peaceful lives.
  4. Discussion: Children will compare the way they felt before and after listening to the stories. Children will discuss how they should apply the techniques they have just learned and experienced to their own lives and real life situations. Conversation examples are provided.
  5. Art activity: Each lesson includes an art handout to support and reinforce the lesson. Handout is provided and additional ideas are given.
  6. Chakra Bear/Rainbow Bear: (Chakra Bear is part of the Deluxe Curriculum Package) This cuddly, empowering new friend is a positive learning toy designed to introduce children to the world of color, energy and relaxation. Teachers and parents have a tangible tool for children to hold and hug. Chakra Bear activities are incorporated into each lesson.
  7. Exit: Affirmations will be introduced during the second class and will be used thereafter as an exit tool for the rest of the semester. Each child picks an affirmation from the class affirmation bowl as they leave the classroom. Additional ideas are given on how to leave the classroom.