Crystals for Men

Men can wear their crystals in a medicine pouch inside their shirts or in their pockets. Leave stones in workplace and under your pillow at night.

  • Amethyst – spiritual upliftment; calming; protects from hostile energies; relieves anxiety

  • Garnet – sex stone; restores physical and emotional energy; tape below navel (2nd chakra) overnight

  • Jade – sport stone; promotes agility and swiftness; gets darker with good health; good luck; opens heart

  • Rose Quartz – mellows out the reluctant heart; peace in relationships; good for meditation; heals broken heart

  • Smokey Quartz – Good for mood swings or aggressive actions; transmutes negative; emotional balancer; helps addictions

  • Diamond – represents life force; connects to higher-self; increases personal clarityHematite – stress stone; returns negative energy; tape to muscles for physical healing

  • Lapis Lazuli – used by Pharoahs; stimulate mental strength; speak your truth

  • Malachite – man’s stone; heals deep wounds; removes old patterns; aids heart and liver

  • Moonstone – softens dominant male attributes and allows for self-expression and intuition; good for baldness

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