Crystals for Children


Created by AccuSoft Corp.


  • Amethyst – calming and cleansing; growth spurts; disappointments; bad dreams
  • Apache tears – grief stone; hold up to light and see through it; absorbs negative emotions (then it will cloud)
  • Aventurine – relieves shyness; opens lungs; opens heart
  • Carnelian – self-esteem; skin ailments (hold over skin and move it in circles)
  • Clear quartz – all purpose healing; burns off negative emotions; crystal clusters are good in bedrooms; amplifies inner light
  • Rose quartz – hurt feelings; soothes negative emotions; calms hyperactivity; self-love
  • Lapis lazuli – balances psychic gifts; encourages one to be open to spiritual insight; protection
  • Jade – calms overwhelming feelings; achieve goals
  • Tiger Eye – grounding; protection; pulls dreamers back into their bodies; puts thoughts into action; practical (good while shopping; not so materialistic)
  • Pyrite – protective stone; reflects negative energy; physical empowerment; abundant love; relieves fear and terror